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Attribute Templates FAQs

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Can I apply a template to both active and inactive products?

Yes, a template can be applied to either active or inactive products.

Can I have more than one color template?

Yes, you can create a template for shirts, another for mug products and yet another for pen colors. You just need to give each template a unique name.

What if I have a product with more colors than what is in the template? Can I edit the template?

You can create a new template and with other color values and if you no longer need the original template you can delete it.

If my product already has color values and I apply a template, will the template override the existing colors?

No, colors will not be overridden or duplicated.

For example:
A product has three colors: Blue, Red and Orange.
A template with the colors of: Carolina Blue, Red, Orange, Brown and Purple is applied to the product.

The system will look for exact matches so it does not add duplicate colors (in this example, Red and Orange), however, all existing colors will remain (in this example, Blue).

After adding the template, the product will now have six colors. Blue (original), Red and Orange (original colors matched exactly with colors within the applied template) and Carolina Blue, Brown and Purple (new colors added via the applied template).

Which attribute fields support templates?

At the current time, colors and sizes are the fields within the Attributes tab which support templates.

Where can I get more information on how to create and apply templates?

Detailed information on color and size templates is available in the Attributes Tab article.

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