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sept. 29 2021

What's New in ESP

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ESP Orders Update

ESP Websites and Company Stores Update

Email Marketing Update

Admin Control for Discount Entries

A new setting is now available in the Company Profile section of the ESP Admin! This setting allows the administrator for a company to choose whether users of ESP Orders will be able to enter discounts on order documents.

To access this new option, click on the user icon in ESP and then click Settings.

Next, click on Company Profile from the options on the left. Let's see this setting in action:

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Reminders to Upload Artwork During Checkout

During the check-out process there are now two reminder messages for customers to upload artwork. 

One notification will be located at the top, just above "My Cart".

The second notification will be directly below the Order Summary, to the left of the Continue button.

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Create Email Marketing List by Company Type

When creating a dynamic list in Email Marketing, "Company Type" has been added as a rule option. 

For example, if you wanted to send an email blast only to your prospects, you are now able to set a rule to create a list based on the company type of "prospect".

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