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Aug 24 2021

ESP Quick Tip #16: Exact Phrase Search on ESP Websites

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When searching for items on an ESP Website, some products require more than one word to accurately describe them. For example, a search for safety glasses will search independently for both these keywords within the product information. This means that the search results will contain products that match either safety or glasses, as well those who contain both; so while you will see the protective eyewear products, they will be mixed in with drinking glasses, novelty glasses, safety vests, and a wide variety of other items.

To search for specific products more efficiently, you are able to use quotations to designate an exact phrase. Using the same example, a search using quotations for “safety glasses” will return only results which have both words in that order, also known as an exact phrase, within the product information.

Let's check out three different examples to see the exact phrase in action:

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