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Working with eComm Connected Suppliers

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By becoming eComm connected, suppliers are able to receive orders instantly through ESP. That means your order information will be sent directly into that supplier’s internal system and straight into production eliminating traditional delays.

  • Fastest order placement
  • Instantly reserve inventory
  • Receive real-time order status updates ESP with no follow-up communication needed

When placing your first order from an eComm Connected supplier, you will need use your account with that supplier when sending the order.

Place an Order

To order a product, locate the product in ESP Web and click on the Order button.

Configure the product for ordering just as you would any other order.

From the sales order, click on the "Purchase Orders" tab. The orange "Send" button indicates the supplier will receive your eComm order directly into their processing system.

The first time you send an eComm Connected order, you will need to link your ESP account with your supplier account. Each supplier may require their own individual login process. You will need to create an account with the participating supplier, but you will only need to login for the first order. The registration process may vary for each supplier, so you will need to contact the supplier to complete registration. If you do not have a supplier account, click on the "Don’t have an account?" link to set one up.

Once you have an account with the supplier, enter your Username, Account Number, and Password in this section. Then, click on the Link Account button.

Once you have linked your accounts, you can click on the "Send Supplier Purchase Order" button and your order will be complete.

After sending an eComm order, you can view the status of the order by clicking on the "Purchase Order History" tab in ESP Orders. Locate your order to see the current status and the date it was last updated.

Shipping and Tracking

When working with eComm connected suppliers, real time shipping and tracking updates will refresh every two hours. On the Purchase Order History tab, when applicable, there will be a Shipping Info section which contains a View link.

Clicking on the View link will open a window containing all available shipping information for the order. This information will vary depending on the details available.

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