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Independent Distributor References FAQs

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What are Independent Distributor References?

Independent Distributor References are taken from the distributors who have rated a supplier via ESP on a completed transaction. These references will have the distributors' contact information allowing other distributors to connect with them regarding additional details about the supplier transaction.

Where are the Independent Distributor References located?

Independent Distributor References can be found in the Contact Info section of the Supplier Details Page.

As a distributor, can I contact the independent distributor references before I place an order with a supplier?

Yes, the references are available so that distributors can contact other distributors about the completed transaction with a supplier to gain additional knowledge beyond the ASI Supplier Rating.

As a supplier or distributor, can I have a distributor reference removed?

The only way to remove an Independent Distributor Reference is for ASI to remove the rating. This process is approached on a case-by-case basis. These are independent references and should remain objective for fairness.

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