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I created custom products for my Company Store. Can I export them?

This cannot be done at the current time.

If I add additional images for a product, can I still have a main product image?

Yes, the main product image will be the primary image displayed. All additional images will be clickable thumbnails below the main image on the Product Detail page.

Can I have additional images for more than one field?

You are able to upload any images you wish, but tags for images may only be applied to one field.

Can a company/organization for whom I host their online store have access to all the orders that have been placed via the company store?

As the manager of the company store, you will need to let your contact know that they will need to convey order information to the company/organization.

Can my customer set an order quota or limit from which orders will be deducted?

Not at the current time, however, as the company store administrator, you will have access to the customer accounts on the site and are able to manage their account/company point balances. For more information, please refer to the Manage Users article.

How do I log out of the Company Stores admin?

Go to My Account on the Application Toolbar and select Logout. This will sign you out of the application.

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