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ASI Supplier Directory

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The ASI Supplier's Directory is a compilation of  contact information and profiles for all ASI Supplier members. Formerly known as the Buyer’s Guide/Register, this directory contains over one million promotional products from thousands of suppliers! Also included in this directory are supplier line names and decorator indexes.

To access the ASI Supplier Directory,  go to ASI Central and hover on Distributor. Then, click on the link for Find a Supplier/Decorator/Multi-Line Rep/ASI Supplier Directory.

You will need to log in using your Single Sign-On (SSO) account, which is the information you use to log into ESP Web, ASI Central, and ASI Education.

After logging in, you can click the link to view the ASI Supplier Directory.

Note: Please note, you may need to log in a second time, use the same log in information as you did for ASI Central.

When viewing the ASI Supplier Directory, if you find the display to be too small, you can double click anywhere in the black area directly above or below the displayed content and then use the "+" option to zoom in. 

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