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ASI Overview

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ASI stands for The Advertising Specialty Institute and you can think of us as your partner in business, providing you with the tools, resources and support to help you succeed in the promotional products industry. The ASI mission is to provide a culture of care with the best service, products, education, research and content available to help our members prosper.

The ASI mission is to be the trusted partner of the promotional products industry by fostering its success every step of the way. To encourage growth and innovation, ASI provides the industry’s technology, education, events, research, news content and business connections.

ASI offers:

  • Education
    Get access to virtual trainings covering a wide range of topics including: decoration techniques, marketing strategy, prospecting and so much more. You can even get industry-certified!
  • News
    Stay up-to-date on current events and issues that affect industry businesses. Our award-winning editorial team works diligently to publish timely content to help members stay relevant.
  • Catalogs
    Use our print catalogs as sales drivers to build awareness and inspire your clients. Published throughout the year, our vibrant catalogs help to show end-buyers the variety of promo products available to them.
  • Research
    Get access to the latest product and financial research at your fingertips! Our team collects data via surveys, outreach and more and uses it to keep members updated about trends and forecasts.
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