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ASI Overview

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The Advertising Specialty Institute, known as ASI, has been a stample in the promotional products industry for over 60 years. ASI is a family business that puts its member satisfaction above all else. When you become a member of ASI, you can be sure we’ll be there for you each step of the way to grow your business. ASI provides technology, education, events, research, and industry news to encourage business growth and innovation.

What is an ASI number?

The ASI® number has been the gold standard for both distributors and suppliers in the advertising specialty industry for over 50 years. It remains the only true, consistent industry identifier, recognized by all distributors and suppliers. The ASI number brings to the table exclusive benefits that other industry organizations do not provide. Supplier numbers include five digits, displayed as (asi/12345), and distributor numbers include six digits, displayed as (asi/123456).

Where can I learn more about advertising specialties?

An advertising specialty, also known as a promotional product, is any item imprinted with a logo or slogan and given out to promote a company, organization, product, service, special achievement or event. ASI members benefit from the most comprehensive promo products industry analysis, research, education, and certification available through ASI University.

What are the types of membership?

ASI provides several options for membership and resources for networking, education, and business growth through the following membership types:

  • Distributors - For companys which sell promotional products and/or imprinted incentives to customers
  • Suppliers - For companies which manufacture or import promotional products
  • Decorators - For companies which imprint on supplied products
  • Canadian - For companies which are physically located in Canada
  • Equipment - For companies which provide machines and components related to imprinting
  • International - For companies which are physically located outside of the United States and/or Canada
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