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dic. 15 2021

What's New in ESP

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ESP Web Update

ESP Websites and Company Stores Update

Net Cost Required Indicator in Price Calculator

When working in the Price Calculator section of an ESP Presentations, there is now a reminder that Net Cost is a required field.

Note: It is important to keep in mind that while the Net Cost field is required, it will not be displayed on the final presentation unless it has been selected to show in the Design - Layouts & Fields section.

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Improved Safeguard to Payment Methods Setup

In the eCommerce - Payment Methods section of the ESP Websites Admin, individual credit cards will only be available for selection after the preferred payment method has been selected.

In the example below, PromoPayment has been established as the payment processor for the site, however, the admin cannot select which credit cards are accepted until they select a preferred payment method.

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New Template: Shifting Gears

There is a new site template: "Shifting Gears" is available in the ESP Websites Admin.

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