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jul. 8 2020

What's New in ESP

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Themes on Supplier Detail Page

When viewing the Supplier Detail Page, users can now view all of the Themes in which the supplier has designated their products. Clicking on the link with theme name will display all of the supplier's products within it.

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Faster Loading Speeds for ESP Websites and Company Stores

ASI has enhanced our site hosting platform, resulting in improved site performance scores for ESP Websites and Company Stores.

Additional Information on QuickBooks Error Messages

When syncing an order with QuickBooks, if an error occurs, the message will now contain specific information regarding the issue.

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Paid Tab Added for Reporting Single Transaction

When reporting on a single transaction, Suppliers now have the option to use the Paid tab. The Date and Amount Paid are required fields, but Suppliers are also able to indicate if credit was extended prior to submitting the transaction information.

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Free Shipping Checkbox in Basic Details Tab

Suppliers are now able to indicate if an item is eligible for free shipping directly in the product information. When editing the product, Suppliers can go to the Basic Details tab and scroll to the shipping information to check the "Free Shipping" box.

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