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may. 26 2020

What's New in ESP

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ESP Web and Websites Updates

CRM and Orders Updates

Recommended COVID-19 Products and Content

As COVID-19 continues to be prevalent throughout the world, ASI is providing quick access and information for those looking to promote using personal protective equipment (PPE) by adding informative content in the Idea Center and helping suppliers properly categorize new PPE products. Within the Idea Center, there is now a section devoted to COVID-19 as well as over 10,000 PPE products from more than 700 ASI Suppliers in ESP.

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Enhancement to Supplier Detail Page

When viewing the Supplier Detail page in ESP Web, distributors are now able to view six videos! Also, there is a "View All" link which will display all products from that supplier which feature a video.

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Descriptions Added to Categories

When working with custom products on ESP Websites and Company Stores, descriptions and notes have been added to the category window. This new feature will help to ensure that products are classified in the proper categories.

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Workflow and follow-up activities improvements

When configuring the shipping information for an order, users are now able to clear the Ship To and Ship Via dropdowns using the "X" in that field.

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Automatic Tasks Generated for Orders Grouped by Vendor

Company admins can establish automatic tasks which are to-do items that are created when an action is taken by a user in ESP. These tasks now have the added ability to be grouped by the vendor! This means that if an admin creates an automatic task for their users when they create a sales order, the admin can select to have that task grouped by the supplier or decorator.

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Orders Export now includes contact email addresses

When exporting orders from ESP Orders, the email address for the contact will be included with the exported information.

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