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Mar 20 2023

ESP Quick Tip #56: Search for Decorators

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At times, you may need imprinting on product which the supplier only sells as blank or unimprinted. When this occurs, you can employ the services of a decorator, which is company that will imprint on supplied items. There are many decorator companies listed with ASI and you can locate them in ESP. To do this, log into ESP Web and go to the Quick Search bar. Next, use the dropdown to change the search box from All Products to Decorators.

You can enter keywords in the Quick Search box and click on the Search button. You also have the option to click on the Open Advanced Search link to indicate specific criteria such as imprint method or the decorator's location.

In the Decorator Advanced Search, you are able to search by Decorator Service, such as embroidery or screen printing. When you have finished entering your search terms, click on the Search button.

To learn more about searching for decorators, please review the Search for Suppliers and/or Decorators in ESP Web article.

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