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Feb 17 2023

ESP Quick Tip #54: Enable Multiple Languages on ESP Website

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To enable multi-language support for your customers on your ESP Website or Company Store, log into ESP Web and click on Websites Admin. Then, take the following steps:

  1. Locate the site you would like to update and click on the Edit button for that listing.
  2. Expand the Website Settings section and select Display Options.
  3. Use the language section to select if you would like to have your site available in Spanish and/or French. Check the language(s) you would like to offer and then scroll down to clik on the Save button in the Display Options.
  4. Click on the Make Changes Live link.

When visitors view your site, they will be able to select the language from a dropdown in the upper right corner. All of the information on your site, including product information and the checkout process will be shown in the selected language.

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