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Website Quick Launch

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Use the site builder to get your site up, active and ready for business. In the ESP Websites Admin, click on the Start button in the My Site Licenses area.

A pop up window will display with an automatically selected template. There are two options:

  • Make My Site Live
    If you like the look of the site, you can click on the Make My Site Live button to launch the site right away, ensuring that your site is up and running. You will be able to use the Websites Admin to customize it ay any time.
  • Customize Link
    If you would like to customize the site prior to making it live, use the "Click here if you would like to make custom changes >>" link.

If you choose to customize your site later or want to personalize it before publishing, you have full access to the features and functions of your site. What would you like to do?

  • Brand Your Site:
    Select a template and color, upload a site logo and/or favorite icon.
  • Manage the Products:
    Choose the products you would like to highlight on your site, as well as create custom products, product collections, saved searches, and more!.
  • Establish Settings:
    Customize the information that is shown on your site, establish domain information, and/or update the site information.
  • Site Navigation and Manage Pages:
    Create and manage the content of your site, such as navigation menus, page content, banners, etc.
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