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Using the Format Stripper

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Custom HTML code can be added to your ESP Website through the Content Library or Pages of your website.

If you are familiar with HTML, use the HTML view in the Edit Content window to work directly with the coding.

However, if you are not familiar with HTML and have pasted content into the Design view, you are able to use the format stripper to remove extraneous coding.

Click on the arrow next to the Format Stripper option. The following options will be displayed:

  • Strip All Formatting
    This will remove all HTML code from your content, leaving you with plain text:
  • Strip CSS Formatting
    Stripping CSS formatting will remove any styling applied to your content.
  • Strip Font Elements
    Stripping the font elements removes any declaration of font-size, or font-color, after removing the font element you will have all same sized and same colored text.
  • Strip Span Elements
    Sometimes, when you copy and paste text from a word editor in your HTML code you have extra <span> tags that are not associated with anything, they only make your HTML code harder to read than it should be. Stripping the span elements will clear up your code, leaving it organized and readable.
  • Strip Word Formatting
    When you copy and paste content directly from word a lot of special styling and formatting comes with it. Stripping the word formatting will allow you to better control and format your content through the Design view.
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