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Update My Company Profile

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Update My Company Profile

Step 1: To access the ASI Account Manager, go to billpay.asicentral.com.

Step 2: Login to the ASI Account Manager.

  • If you have forgotten your Password, please click on the “Forgot Password?” link and follow the recovery instructions.
  • If you have forgotten your Username, please contact ASI Member Services at (800) 546-1350, option 1.

Step 3: Go to the Profile tab.

  • If your account does not contain specific information, you will be alerted directly after logging in. Clicking on the Profile tab will take you directly into the Profile area, where all of the primary and demographic information is located for your company.
  • If your account is complete, click on the Continue link to go to the main page. Then, click on the Profile tab.

Step 4: Review the information in the Primary Information and Published Demographic Information areas.

  • In the Primary Information area, you can update your Bill To and Ship To addresses, as well as the company phone, fax, email and website. Just click on the Submit button when you are finished with each area.
  • In the Published Demographic Information area, you are able to type updated data into the available boxes. Information in this area is automatically saved.
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