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Tips for Using ESP Updates

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Before you get started using ESP Updates, take a few moments to review the tips below. By following these guidelines consistently, your products will be more searchable by distributor members.

Product Name

  • The product name may not be a number or the product number.


  • The product description must indicate what the product is.
  • Do not include the line name, product number or pricing.
  • List features of the product that a distributor would be searching. For example: if your product is a backpack with two large inside pockets and a zippered outer pocket, be sure to include that information in the description.
  • List attributes of the product in the appropriate fields. If you include colors in the description, also list them in the Product Colors field on the Attributes tab.

Summary Description

  • The product summary must state what the product is
  • Do not include the line name, trade name, option, pricing or product numbers in this section


  • Be sure to choose categories relevant to your product.

Text Fields

  • Do not enter prices in text fields. All additional prices should be entered as Upcharges, so that the cose will populate to the order form when distributors place orders via ESP Web.
    • Text fields include: Description, Summary Description, Additional Shipping Information, Additional Product Information, Disclaimer, Options (Imprinting, Shipping or Product), Artwork Information comment fields, Product and Spec Sample Detail fields, Production, Rush and Same Day Service details.
  • Contact information may not appear anywhere in the product data, including Company Name, Email addresses and Website addresses ("Visit our Website" is acceptable).
  • Formatting
    • The use of all capital letters may not appear in text fields. Please use proper case only.
    • Do not use the enter key to space lines. Descriptions should appear in paragraph format.
    • Use Commas, not dashes.

Shipping Estimate

  • Include the number of products, type of shipping container, the shipping containers dimensions, shipping weight and how the package is billed (by weight or size of the package). When this information is entered in the appropriate fields, the Distributor can utilize functionality in ESP Web to estimate the shipping costs.

Catalog Source and Page Number

  • Upload and choose the catalog source and page number. This information will be listed as a reference for the distributor and lets the distributor know that the product is current.


  • Products available in different shapes, such as key tags or magnets, should use the shape of the item. For example, a mug shaped magnet would use "mug" in the Shape field, but a ceramic mug would not use this field.


  • Product, Shipping and Imprint options may not include product numbers.
  • Do not include details in the Option Name field, as it should be brief.
  • List individual choices as separate values. Grouping all of the values together does not give the distributor an option to choose between the choices available. For example, do not enter "Blue, Yellow or Green" as one value, list each separately as "Blue", "Yellow" and "Green".

Price Grids

  • Make sure to apply a discount code to all price quantities. A "Z" discount code represents a zero discount and can only be used for upcharges not for base prices.
  • Upcharge Price Grids must include how the charges are to be populated to the order form. Make sure to indicate if the prices are to be calculated per order, per quantity of products ordered or by "other". "Other" is used in cases where there is no specific known number to calculate. For example, when adding additional colors, the system cannot calculate how many additional colors a distributor might order. In this case, choose "Other".
  • Remember to include the Price Includes statement. Do not list pricing in the price includes statement.

Using the Copy Product feature

  • When copying products, check the fields that may need to change, including:
    • Product Name
    • Product Number
    • Description and Summary
    • Categories
    • Product Colors
    • Product Size
    • Pricing
    • Upload appropriate image
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