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The Idea Center

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The Idea Center in ESP is a centralized location for distributors to access ASI's award winning editorial content to gain insight when creating promotions for events and industries. Located on the main toolbar, the Idea Center is easily accessible.

Within the Idea Center homepage, there are two main sections: Events and Industries. Both sections will provide a broad selection of topics which contain popular search terms, as well as articles and videos where applicable. Clicking on a topic thumbnail will open to the information page.

On the information page, in addition to providing helpful content via articles and videos, there are various promotional concepts available. Clicking on an option will display content related to directly to the option you selected. You can also click on the "Read More" link below the article to open it within ESP.

After reviewing the available content, use the "Back" link to return to the Idea Center information page.

In addition to helpful and informative articles and videos, the Ideae Center provides you with quick links into popular search terms. Clicking on a term will open a pre-determined ESP search for that item.

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