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The Basic Details Tab

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To make modifications to the basic details of your product data, click on the Edit button in the Manage Products area.

When adding product information, there are some restricted words which may only be used by suppliers who have been authorized by the trademark owner.

After adding or editing the information, click on the Save button. If you are completely finished managing the product information and are ready to make it live; click on the Make Active button.

Within the Basic Details tab, you are able to add, edit, or remove:

Top Checkboxes

Countries you ship to (Market Segments)

Use the dropdown to select the locations where you will ship this product. The options available will be populated based on your company's membership profile with ASI.

Distributor Only View

You can select the visibility level for this product. Products are able to be seen by other distributors (through ESP Web and ESP Online) and end-buyers (on ESP Websites). If you do not wish to have your products displayed on distributor sites, click the Distributor Only view checkbox if this product should only be seen by distributors and not visible to the end-user.


A product can be considered "New" for up to six months. This option will be checked by default, however, it can be unchecked.

It is important to note that this action cannot be undone. If the new box is unchecked, a warning will be displayed.

After clicking on "OK", saving the item, and making it active, the "New" flag will be removed from the product listing.

Product Confirmation

Use the Product Confirmed through checkbox to indicate that the item's information is confirmed through a specific date. The standard confirmation time range is one (1) calendar year from the confirmation date, but you can click on the calendar icon to choose a different time frame.

Product Details

Product Name (Required)

This is the name of the item and will be automatically populated from the information you entered in the Add Product window.

Product Number

If your item has a product number enter it in the Product number field.

UPC Code

If your product has a UPC code, enter it here.

External Product ID (Required)

The External Product Id is automatically generated by ESP Updates.


If the product has one SKU number for all attributes (color, size, material, etc), you can enter that number here. If the product has multiple SKU numbers, use the SKU and Inventory tab.

Description (Required)

Enter as much descriptive information as possible in this field. If you created a new product, this information will already be populated from the Add Product window.

Summary Description (Required)

Type a short description for the ESP Quick View and other short description areas.


You may assign up to two (2) categories to your product, but must select at least one in order to make the product active. To view additional categories, click on the View More Categories link and scroll through the list. You can also use the Search Categories box and begin typing the category name.

Once you've selected your category or categories, click on the Apply button.

To remove a category, click on the "X" next to the category to be deleted.

Product Keywords

To further improve search results, enter keywords that are specific and relevant to your product. Separate each keyword with a comma or by hitting the enter key on your keyboard.

Countries where Manufactured

If your product was manufactured in the United States, check the box next to United States. If your product was manufactured elsewhere, choose the location from the dropdown box. Use the Additional Country link to indicate additional manufacturing locations.
Note: Do not use the United States checkbox if the product was assembled in the United States from parts/pieces manufactured elsewhere.

Shipping and Packaging

FOB Points

Check the FOB point for the location from where your products will ship. If you have multiple FOB Points, choose the FOB points by checking the box next to the FOB Point(s) that apply to this product. If you need to Add or Change the FOB point listed in your supplier data, click the Contact Us link.


Check the warehouse(s) for the location from where your products will ship. If you have multiple warehouses, choose the warehouses by checking the box next to the ones that apply to this product. If you need to Add or Change the warehouse(s) listed in your supplier data, click the Contact Us link.

Shipping Estimate

Indicate the number of products packaged and choose the type of container used for shipping from the dropdown list. Use the Shipping Dimensions field to enter the length, width and height of the shipping container (not the dimensions of the product itself). Utilizing the dropdown list, choose the unit type. Use the Clear All button to remove information from all fields.
Note: If the dimensions include fractions, enter a space between the whole number and fraction. Do not include hyphens.

Enter the Shipping Weight and the unit type from the drop down list.

Indicate if the cost of shipping is based on the weight of the package or the size of the package by clicking the appropriate box. If free shipping is offered for this item, check the box at the bottom of this section.

Item Packaging

Indicate all packaging types that apply to the product by checking the appropriate box. If you have a packaging type that is not shown on the list, just click “Add an Additional Packaging Type”. A box will display for you to enter the new packaging type.

Additional Shipping Information

Additional shipping information can be added by typing in the box provided. Any shipping information that has associated costs should be entered as a Shipping Option. Check the Order can be shipped in a plain box if you will ship the order with no supplier contact information on the box.

Carrier Information

Use the dropdown to provide details about carrier information for this product.

Delivery Options & Item Assembled

Use the dropdown to select delivery option information. Use the Item Assembled dropdown to provide information regarding item assembly.


You are able to add custom shipping options in this section. Click on the Add a Custom Shipping Option. The Add an Option window will open. You will be prompted to indicate whether this option is required for ordering. Next, select "Shipping" from the Option Type dropdown.

Enter a brief Option Name in the Option Name field. Type the value(s) for the option and then hit Enter, Comma or Tab on your keyboard.
Note: When entering values, enter them individually; not as a grouped value. For example, enter "A", "B", "C" not "A, B, or C".

If only one option value can be ordered check the "Can only order one" checkbox. Enter any additional information which may apply to this option. To include any additional charges for the option, go to the Pricing Tab.

When you are finished, click on Apply to return to the Basic Detail tab or click on Apply & Add to create another option for this product.

Supplier, Line, & Brand Name

Supplier Name

Your Supplier name and ASI number appear at the top right side of the page. Click on the ASI number to display your Supplier Information. If you wish to change any of the information, click on the Contact Us link in the Line Name(s) section.

Line Name(s)

Line names will populate based on the supplier information provided to ASI. Check any line name(s) that applies to this product. If you have a line name that does not appear on the list or need to update line name information, click on the Contact Us link.

Brand Name(s)

Enter the brand name of the product in the Brand Name(s) box. Brand Names are those names that have been trademarked™, Copyrighted© or Registered®.

Use the dropdown below the box to select the search filter options:

  • Starts With: Will show all matching results which start with the letters you have entered.
  • Contains: Will show all matching results that contain the letter sequence you entered anywhere within matching results.

Catalog/Product Source Information

Choose from the dropdown box the catalog or other source where this product appears so that it can be referenced. To add upload a catalog to the list, click Manage Catalogs.

Product Level SKU and Inventory Information

Inventory Status

Use the Inventory Status dropdown to indicate the current status of this item, such as "In Stock" or "Back Order/Temporarily Out of Stock".

Inventory Quantity

Enter a numeric value to represent the quantity currently in stock for this product. If the Inventory Status is set to "Back Order/Temporarily Out of Stock" or "Out of Stock" there cannot be a quantity entered in the Inventory Quantity section.

Safety & Compliance

Certifications and Compliance

In the Safety and Compliance area, check any certification and/or compliance that apply to the product. If your certification or compliance is not on the list, you can add it by clicking on the Add a Custom Compliance Choice.

Link to Product Data Sheet

If you have certification documentation, you can enter the URL for it in the available text box.


Check the box next to any choking hazard that applies to your product.

Battery Information

If your product uses batteries, you can use the checkboxes to indicate if batteries are included, required, battery size, or the number of batteries needed. To add custom battery information, click on the Add an Additional Battery Info button and then type in the new box provided.


If there are any disclaimers that apply to this product, you can enter that information in the disclaimer box. For example: Due to the hand carving process we do not guarantee that any two items will be exact.

Additional Product Information

Use the Additional Product Information box to add more details about the product, such as Over run/Under run statements. For example: "Order is considered complete with 5% over or under run". Do not enter upcharges in this section. Additional charges should be added as an upcharge in the Pricing tab.

Distributor Only Comments

Use the Distributor Only Comments box to add any information that you do not want to be viewed by the end user.

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