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Supplier Performance Ratings Overview

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What are ASI Supplier Performance Ratings?

Supplier Performance Ratings reveal how an ASI Supplier is rated by ASI Distributors on 6 areas of their business (Overall Satisfaction, Product Quality, Communication, Delivery, Imprint/Personalization, and Problem Resolutions).The ratings are based on the collective experience of the Distributors who have completed a purchase transaction. ASI Distributors can rate an ASI Supplier on a completed transaction they had in the last 12 months. Distributors can enter a rating for each performance area by using the star rating scale (1 being poor-5 being excellent) and have the option to provide comments on their transaction experience. Ratings are averaged across each area and updated every 24 hours reflecting the most accurate and timely picture as possible. The information is available to all ASI Distributors; while ASI Suppliers have access to their own aggregated scores. ASI automatically purges comments and individual rating submissions on a rolling 18-month cycle.

Major Goals of the Rating System

There are two main goals for the Supplier Performance Rating System:

  1. The Ratings provide distributors the opportunity to share with the entire Distributor network their transaction experience with the Supplier.
  2. The Ratings allow Suppliers the opportunity to stand out on good product quality and service. In an industry where too often decisions are made purely on price, the ratings allow a Distributor to consider making a selection based on how well the overall service is scored rather than how low the Supplier's price might be.

Importance of the Supplier Performance Ratings

For Distributors

Distributors have the opportunity to share their order experience with other Distributors via ESP/ASI Central.

Distributors can filter by rating on product searching in ESP and on the Find a Supplier search on ASI Central. This helps Distributors consider making a selection based on how well they will be served overall, and not just by how cheap a Supplier’s price might be.

ASI Ratings allow a platform of communication to open between Supplier and Distributor on any issues with a transaction.

Distributors can also select top rated Suppliers to be part of their Preferred Supplier list in ESP Website.

For Suppliers

Top Rated Suppliers that will have more exposure in ESP and ASI searches with the rating filters.

Five Star rated Suppliers can use the 5-Star ASI Ratings Logo for free. Five Star Suppliers can use this logo to promote themselves on their website, email signatures, print and digital ads, show displays, and social media pages.

Distributor Choice Awards:

  • This is awarded annually at the ASI Orlando Show to the top suppliers voted by Distributors.
  • Finalists are based on their ratings.
  • To qualify, Suppliers have to be rated at least 4 stars overall in ESP.
  • Semifinalist must have been rated by at least 15 Distributors.
  • Supplier of the Year is based on the ratings in each ratings category.
  • Please review the ASI Awards Overview for more information.

The Ratings Scale

The Ratings Scale is a numeric star rating (1 to 5 stars) that is calculated on performance in the following areas:

  • Overall Satisfaction: General level of satisfaction with the completed transaction.
  • Product Quality: Relative to your expectations based on price, catalog or electronic image.
  • Communication: Promptness and accuracy related to questions, invoices and order status updates.
  • Delivery: Was your agreed upon shipping deadline met? Was packaging adequate? (Do not consider delays)
  • Imprinting/Personalization: Was the imprint quality relative to your expectations based upon imprint method, product, catalog or electronic images?
  • Problem Resolution: Satisfaction related to concerns raised during the transaction in question (if applicable).
  • Comments Box (Optional): Up to 150 characters on additional information about the transaction experience. Comments deemed inappropriate will be suppressed. Suppliers may review and respond to any comments prior to publication.

ASI Policy

ASI does not provide mediation between Distributor and Supplier due to Anti-Trust laws of the US Government. ASI is not a governing body of the specialty advertising business. As an information services organization, ASI cannot dictate nor arbitrate disputes.

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