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Supplier Catalogs in ESP Web

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Within ESP Web, full length catalogs are available for viewing using the Supplier Catalogs option. This is beneficial because it enables you to get ideas about product usage and visualize the item in various settings.

On the Supplier Catalog page, thumbnails of featured supplier catalogs will be displayed along with the full supplier catalog directory. You can enter a supplier’s name or ASI number in the Search Supplier Catalogs bar and then click “Go” to view all available catalogs for that supplier.

You can also click on the letter boxes to narrow suppliers by the supplier’s name. All available supplier catalogs will be displayed in alphabetical order with a link to the full length catalog, number of products, and the year.

Click on the link for the catalog to browse through its pages.

Products displayed within the spread will be listed on the right.

Like the list view in ESP Web, each product listing will have the product name linked to the detail page, thumbnail image, price information, supplier ASI Number link, order button, and save button.

Additional features and functions are available from the product listing:

  • Click on the product name to open a new tab with the product detail page for that product.
  • Hover on the thumbnail to display the small quick view, you can click to open the full quick view.
  • Hover on the supplier's ASI number to open the supplier quick view, you can click on the link to open the supplier detail view.
  • Click on the Order button to configure the product for ordering.
  • Click on the Save button to add the product to the clipboard.
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