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Supplier Advertising FAQs

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Does ASI® offer any advertising opportunities via print?

The ASI Media Kit outlines all of the various types of media you are able to advertise in, whether it be print and/or digital. It also gives you the frequencies of catalogs and magazines, so you can coordinate your artwork to the season or to the message you want to deliver.

Does ASI offer any electronic advertising?

Yes, ASI offers numerous electronic advertising opportunities through both print and digital media.

What is the most common type of advertising with ASI®?

Pay for Placement (PFP) is one of the most popular ad types offered to suppliers. It helps secure a top search result in one or more of nine positions when someone searches on ESP. This type of advertising effectively positions your products at the top of search results within ESP.

Why is my Pay for Placement (PFP) ad not appearing when I search?

There are a variety of reasons why your ad may or may not appear after someone searches on ESP. Some examples include a lack of overall product relevancy, too many advertisers competing for the same ad position, or if your ad already hit its budget for the month.

There are many types of advertising – which should I use?

An effective advertising plan incorporates many different forms of advertising, including both print and digital. There are certain ad types which specialize in reach and frequently while others maximize return on investment (ROI) and have better overall returns. The best approach is to strategically create a marketing campaign which incorporates various types of advertising, such as supplementing digital Pay for Placement (PFP) ads with ads with an email blast. Speak with your supplier sales rep to explore more options for advertising your business with ASI.

I don’t have the resources to create digital or print ads on a consistent basis but I would like to advertise. What can I do?

You can use product-based advertising where we display your top, most active products within ESP. Or you can use ASI Creative Labs, which is a new in-house marketing agency with a team of industry experts in sales, marketing, design, data and content. Our Creative Labs department can help park meaningful, results-driven conversations between suppliers, distributors and millions of their customers through print and digital platforms.

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