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Searching for Products in ESP Web

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There are several ways to locate products, suppliers, and/or decorators in ESP Web, including:

Product Quick Search

The Quick Search enables you to locate products using a variety of search options. The Quick Search can be used to locate product, supplier, and/or decorator information. The dropdown enables you to toggle between the different searches and defaults to product search.

When you are entering search terms in the Quick Search bar, you can search for multiple product numbers by separating them with a comma in this box. For example: "101,102,103".As you begin typing in the Quick Search bar, your five most recent searches and saved searches will appear below the search box. As you begin typing, after three letters, search terms that match what you have typed will display. You can also search using coded product numbers, but when entering them, be sure to include the "CPN-" prior to entering the number. To use the price range search, click into the Price box and enter either a quantity in either the minimum, maximum or both boxes as well as a quantity. You can also enter a quantity with or without a price range. After you have entered your search criteria, click on the Search button.

Search for a Product using Keywords

To search using keywords, click on the Open Advanced Search link. 

In the top portion of the Product Advanced Search, there are four boxes: All of the words (AND), Any of the words (OR), This exact phrase, and None of these words.

All of the words(AND)

The All of the words is a logical "AND" search, meaning that all the words that are searched must be in the product's details. For example, if you entered "c handle ceramic blue mug", every product in the search results would need to have all those search terms in its details.

Any of the words (OR)

The Any of the words search which is a logical "OR" search, meaning that any of the words that are searched could be in the product's details.

This exact phrase

This Exact Phrase search enables you to enter a series of words in this box that will result in items that include these specific keywords, in this order. A great example to show you the power of the Exact phrase search is to use Free Set Up in this field. When you search using "free set up", each of these products will include the phrase "free set up" - on their product detail page.

None of these words

The None of these words will enable you to enter words which you want excluded from the search results. So for example, let's say we wanted to search for a travel mug, and we want to see many choices but none that were made of ceramic. Note: Exclude these words only works with the All and the Any of the words search.

After entering the keyword(s) and/or phrase(s) you would like to use, click on the Search button.

Search Using Product Attributes

Product attributes are descriptive information about the product.

Search by Product Description (Color, Size, Price, Production Time, etc)

In the Product section, you can search by price range via Price, Cost, or Profit and then enter an amount in the min and max boxes as well as a Quantity.

To search using a production time, enter the number of business days in the Production Time box. Checking the Include Rush Time box enables you to also search using rush times in the number of days you have specified.

The next search field is Category. Start typing the category you would like to search and the available categories will display. ESP Web does a letter for letter partial match of the information you type. Click on the category to use it in your search. You are able enter criteria in the Material, Color, Product Number, Size, Imprint Method, Shape and Theme search boxes as well.
Note:When searching for a Product Number, you can type in one product number or use commas to search for multiple item numbers (for example: 101,102,103).

Search by Product Information (New Product, Virtual Sample Enabled, Made in USA, etc)

Placing a check in one of the checkboxes in the Other section will ensure your results include the selected criteria.

Search by Market

The Market section enables you to select to view products which can be shipped to the USA or Canada. The default selection for this area is controlled in the Preferences for your ESP.  The "ALL" option enables you to search products which can be shipped to both the US and Canada. 

If you do a search using the "ALL" option, you will be able to select a specific market when narrowing your search results.

If you need to clear all the search fields, click on the Clear Search option.

After you have entered all of your criteria, click on the Search button.

Search for Product using Supplier Information

To search using a supplier rating, click on the stars to select the minimum rating you wish to search. The preferred supplier rank enables to you to check which level of preferred suppliers you would like to include in your results. Checking one or multiple levels will only show results from the selected rank(s), all other results will be hidden. Use the "ALL" option to view results from all levels of Preferred Suppliers.
Note:Preferred suppliers are set up by your company, not ASI.

You are also able to search by supplier name, ASI number, linename, trade name, state/province and/or region/country. You are able to search for state or province without a country or region and vice versa.

Tips for Product Searching

Use a Category

When searching for a pen, there are so many varieties: pens with caps, click action pens, with clip, with grip, gel, stylus, fountain, etc. It is recommended that you begin in the Product Advanced Search. In this area, you can select from a general Writing Instruments category which will help to manage your search results. Start typing in the Category box. For a pen that has gel ink, start typing “gel” in the category box. A partial match search will display all categories which contain “gel”. The category of Pens-Ballpoint-Gel Ink will be displayed. By selecting this category, you can use keywords for additional details, such as a cap, and type that in the ALL of the words box. If the pen you are looking for does not fit into a specific category, use Pens-General.

In some cases, you may not be certain of what category to use or the product could reasonably fit into multiple categories. A stylus pen, for example, could be in the category of PDA/PALM Accessories, Computer Accessories, Phone Accessories, etc. The more straightforward way to search for this item would be to use the exact phrase in the Product Advanced Search. Just type stylus pen in the Exact Phrase box and then hit Search.

Try Alternate Terms or Synonyms

Another tip when searching is to try synonyms in the keywords box. For example, when searching for a product like a beverage holder, you may want to enter alternate terms or synonyms such as: can holder, can coolie, collapsible can cooler or can insulator. When searching for a can holder, add more details about the type of beverage holder. It is for a bottle or a can? Do you want neoprene or foam? It is not necessary to be overly specific, but adding some general descriptive words can help you focus on the type of product you need.

Cell phone accessories, such as portable charging banks, are also known as power banks and can be searched by using the following search terms: power bank charger, portable charger or portable power charger. If you are using the ESP Advanced search area, incorporate a category, such as Battery Rechargers & Adapters, Computer Accessories or Phone Accessories.

Be Mindful of Similar Items

Sometimes, items can be similar, such as a padfolio and a portfolio. A padfolio is generally lighter in weight and made for a pad and papers. Portfolios tend to be more suited for multiple office supplies, as well as contain handles, folder accordions or zipper closures. When searching, make sure to use the correct term to ensure your results are as accurate as possible.

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