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Product Searching FAQs

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How can I search for products?

As an ASI Distributor, you have the option to add ESP+ to your services. ESP+ enables you to organize and simplify your tasks and communications with clients and suppliers into a single interface that automatically updates order statuses.. ESP+ enables you to search by keywords, price, category and numerous other criteria to locate products from ASI Suppliers. ESP also gives you the ability to create professional presentations to present to your clients.

How can I get assistance with searching using ESP?

If you are using the ESP application and need assistance with searching, please contact the ASI Customer Service team at (800) 546-1350, option 1 or email

Will ASI research products for me if I do not have ESP?

If you do not wish to use the ESP application, ASI does provide limited product research. You are able to contact the ASI Customer Service team and they will use ESP to locate relevant items for a cost of $19.95 per product researched.

What are the guidelines for Product Research?

If ASI Customer Service is able to locate relevant products, there is a charge of $19.95 per item researched. If relevant items are unable to be located, there is no charge. ASI will provide information from ASI Suppliers, but will not provide sources outside ASI.

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