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Image Requirements

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Image Requirements

In order for ASI to visually represent your products on ESP in the best manner, at least one image must be associated with each product for it to be active and available to distributors searching ESP. All images must meet the image requirements below:

  • Size (pixels): Recommended 2400x2400; Minimum is 600x600.
  • Resolution: Minimum: 300 DPI/Maximum: 600 DPI (better quality images help drive customers to your products).
  • Image aspect ratio (relationship of height to width) must be maintained when re-sizing images.
  • File Types: JPG, PNG.
  • File Size: Maximum 10 MB (any file over 5MB should be compressed).
  • Please put multiple image files in a Zip folder.
  • Make sure the file name for your main image matches the product number, for example, DS154.jpg.
  • Name additional images by product number and color/shape, for example DS154-red.jpg.
  • Must not contain any marketing verbiage, watermarks, contact information or the ‘Pantone / PMS’ [the Pantone / PMS numbering system is proprietary so for example – ‘PMS-123’ is not permitted, use ‘Yellow-123’ instead’] – Remember your images are seen by end-users.
  • No images should contain unauthorized trademarks and/or logos without proper authorization.
  • When using multiple images, tag the images with attributes like color and shape to ensure the appropriate image displays in search results and increase the likelihood that a distributor views it.

Media Library

Upload your product images into ESP Updates via the Media Library once and then link to as many products that are applicable.

Virtual Samples

The Virtual Sample feature lets customers see their logos on your products while they're shopping. This preview feature shows buyers what they can expect, increasing your chances of a sale!

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