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ESP Websites Media Library Technical Support FAQs

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What is the Media Library?

The Media Library houses all of the images that are uploaded and utilized for all aspects of the ESP Websites. Anytime you upload an image to one of your ESP Websites, in any of the admin areas, the image is saved in the Media Library for future use.

How can I upload an image?

To upload a new image to the Media Library, click the Upload Media button. Your new file will appear in the list. Then, you are able to use the properties box to edit the details for the image.

You can change the file name in the properties area and use the checkboxes to select the type of image. There are three image types: Artwork Thumbnail, Logo or None. Check all that apply.

Select the level of this particular image by using the level dropdown. Click Save Properties when you are finished.

How can I locate and manage already uploaded images?

To filter how you view the images in the Media Library, click the dropdown for level. and the filter options available are Company, Personal Shared or Personal

Once you choose a filter, type the name of an image file into the Search box. If you don't know the full name of the file, you can start typing what you think it may be, and the results will narrow down as you type.

When you find the file you are searching for, use the actions items to manage the image. Click Edit and its information will populate in the Properties box located on the right. Make your changes, then click on the Save Properties button. The Copy link will create a copy of the image and Delete will remove the image from your Media Library.

How do I get images onto my site after uploading them?

After uploading an image, you will need to go to the Manage Pages section to add it to your site. Once you've selected the page to which you would like to add the image, the steps using the Edit Page section are:

  1. Drag the text module and drop it in the zone (area on the page you would like to show the image).
  2. Use the image manager icon to access the Media Library.
  3. Locate and select the image you would like to use. Save the changes. Preview your page. Publish your site.

What is the difference between the Media Library and Manage Artwork sections?

Media Library: Manage all the images for your sites. This is beneficial because it aids in site organization and enables you to access all images for your site in one centralized location.

Manage Artwork: Approved artwork that is sent from clients when they place an order on the site. This normally occurs when using Company Stores.

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