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ESP Mobile Technical Support FAQs

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Does ASI have an app for ESP?

Yes, ESP Mobile HD is available for iPhone, iPad and Android. ESP Mobile HD is a free app for all current ESP Web users.

How do I get ESP Mobile?

If you have a license for ESP Web, you can download the ESP Mobile HD app for free from the Apple Store (iPhone and iPad) or the Google Play Store (Android).

What is my log in information?

Use your ESP Web log in information when using ESP Mobile HD.

Are there articles available in the ASI Knowledge Base for ESP Mobile+?

Yes, in the Technical Support section, click on Distributor and select ESP Mobile to access the ESP Mobile+ articles!

How do I search for supplier on ESP Mobile?

Touch the “e” to the left of the search bar and select Supplier. Now, enter a supplier name, line name or ASI number in the search box and tap Go.

Can I create a virtual sample on ESP Mobile?

Yes, you are able to use logos from your ESP Media Manager or the photo album on your mobile device to create a Virtual Sample.

Can I create a presentation on ESP Mobile?

Not at the current time. However, you are able to email product information (with image) from your mobile device.

How do I send product information to my customer without any supplier or net cost information?

To send items to your customers without supplier or net cost information, you will need to go to the My ESP section, go to Mobile Preference and into the Client Safe area. Then, uncheck the Show Net Cost and Show Supplier Information.

Now that you know you are in Client Safe mode, locate the product(s) you would like to send. You can send product information individually from the Product Detail view or send multiple products by adding them to the Clipboard first, then select and send them from the Clipboard area.

How do I see the News or Top Sellers on the ESP Mobile app?

  • If you are using an iPhone, click on the blue “e” at the bottom. This will open a menu containing the News and Top Sellers options.
  • If you are using an iPad, the News and Top Sellers buttons will be available in the toolbar at the bottom.
  • If you are using an Android, click on the standard settings button to the left of the home button. This will open a menu containing the News and Top Sellers options.

Will the ESP Mobile app work on my Android tablet?

ESP Mobile is not currently compatible with Android tablets; however, it will run on Android phones. You will be able to access ESP Web ( from the Chrome internet browser on your tablet.

How do I log out of the ESP Mobile app?

Go to My Account on the bottom toolbar (Android users, tap the Settings button on your phone to access this toolbar)and select "Log Out". This will sign you out of the app.

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