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ESP Data Standards for Distributors

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ASI wants distributors to easily find, share and order supplier products using. We've set new data standards and requirements for product fields to ensure more accurate and relevant product information is appearing in ESP. For example, if you search for a specific color of an item, if the supplier has provided an image of the product in the color for which you searched, that image will appear in the search results. In addition to finding products more quickly and easily, you can add them to your client presentations and seamlessly place orders through ESP CRM & Orders.

Some standards include:

  • Information entered in each field must only pertain to that specific field.
  • Repeating words and/or phrases will not increase the probability of a product appearing in search results.
  • Pricing and upcharges must appear in the appropriate fields.


If you have any questions regarding suppliers' new data standards and requirements, please email

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