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Email Marketing FAQs

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What is ESP Email Marketing?

ESP Email Marketing allows you to build customizable marketing emails directly in ESP.

Where can I get training?

A webinar is available 24/7 in the ESP Web Video Library.

What content should these emails contain?

The content is completely up to you, but think about what is important to your customers. Examples include:

  • Announce special offers. Search for products on sale in ESP and add them to your emails!
  • Share product trends and marketing tips. Educate your customers on the best products and how to use them to promote their business.
  • Increase brand awareness for your customers. Stay in front of prospects and customers.

How much time does it take to create an email?

Creating and sending an email is quick and easy.

  1. Select one of our templates
  2. Update it with your information
  3. Add your list
  4. Send!


How many credits do I need?

It depends on your business and marketing needs. Each credit is good for 1 email sent to 1 contact.

What if I run out of credits?

They are like digital stamps – you can continuously buy and use credits as needed. Once you use them, purchase more.

Do I need a subscription to ESP to use Email Marketing?

Yes. Campaigns are built in and sent from ESP.

Do I have to use ESP CRM and Orders feature to use Email Marketing?

Yes. The email campaigns are sent using recipients found within your CRM and Orders tab. You'll be able to easily track and see which campaigns were sent to each contact within their profile.

Creating your emails

Do I need to know HTML code to create an email?

No! Email Marketing will take you step by step:

  1. Select one of our templates
  2. Update it with your information
  3. Add your list
  4. Send!

What if I don’t like the templates and want to create my own email design?

Follow the step-by-step instructions using the drag-and-drop features to add text boxes, images, ESP products and more! Each email is fully customizable and can be edited using text editing tools you’re already familiar with.

Can I customize emails?

Yes. You can upload your company’s logo, edit or add custom text and images, add your social media icons and more!

Can I include specific ESP products within my emails?

Absolutely. You can choose products through a search feature that links directly to ESP. You'll have access to any product and can adjust prices, names and descriptions.

Where do the featured products within the email link to?

If you have an ESP Website, the products will link directly to their respective product detail page on your website. From there, your customers can purchase the product or browse for other products.

How do I link to my social media?

Add the icons and you’ll be prompted to provide URLs associated with each account. Clickable icons will then be added directly to your emails.

Sending your emails

How do I upload a list of contacts for my email sends?

The list your email is sent to can be chosen directly from your CRM and Orders tab within ESP. If you don’t have a list within ESP, you can upload one.

How often should I send emails?

This varies, but the best way to find out is to test. Start by sending one a week and then increase or decrease based on the response. Pay close attention to your reporting, including opens, clicks and unsubscribes. If you’re getting a lot of unsubscribes, you’re either sending emails too frequently or the content is not useful to your audience. If you’re getting a lot of opens and clicks, you can try sending them more frequently and see if the numbers are the same. Make sure emails provide value to your customers; send emails you’d like to receive.

How will I know if my email is successful?

We will provide you with all the tracking and reporting you need to measure your success. With each email sent, you’ll see open rate, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes. You’ll want to look for high open and click rates.

What are open rates and clicks?

An open rate is the percentage of recipients who opened your email. Clicks are percentage of recipients who clicked on a link in your email.

What are bounces?

Your email didn’t reach your recipient. Possible reasons include an incorrect address; the recipient’s mailbox is full; the recipient has an autoreply; there wasn’t an internet connection.

What happens if someone unsubscribes from my email list?

When someone clicks unsubscribe, their name will automatically be taken off of your list of eligible customers you can send to.

Can I resend emails?

Of course! You can send an email as many times as you like – it’s your email! You can also schedule emails to be sent automatically to new contacts or ones you recently added to your list.

Are emails sent through ESP compliant with email marketing laws?

We provide what you need to make sure your emails are compliant with the most common national laws and regulations. We handle unsubscribe requests for you and provide sample language you can include that complies with CAN-SPAM and CASL laws. However, it is impossible to guarantee compliance with the many jurisdictions when it comes to a local level. Please check your local laws for compliancy.

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