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Distributor Logos

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Does ASI provide distributors with production-ready ASI logos?

Yes, the Distributor ASI Logos are for active ASI Distributor members.

What are Distributor Logos and how can I use them?

The logos are registered trademarks of the Advertising Specialty Institute. All listed Distributors are authorized and encouraged to use these logos, along with their official ASI number, in all industry transactions.

Please review the information available on the Distributor ASI Logo page for suggested uses and limitations. The ASI Distributors logos are available in red and black.

To download a logo, right click on the logo you want to download and save it.

How can I use my ASI number with an official ASI trademarked logo?

The logo featured on the Distributor Logos page is an official ASI trademarked logo. To use the logo along with your personal ASI Identification Number, replace x's with your six digit ASI number.

What if I need to use trademark and/or logo?

You will need to get permission from the owner of the Trademark and/or logo. A list of unauthorized logos is available on ASI Central.
Note: Those with asterisk in front of the name on the unauthorized logos list are new since the list was last updated.

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