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Distributor ESP Website FAQs

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Can I view a demo of ESP Websites?

You can attend a free live training session.

What is the cost of ESP Websites?

ASI offers several packages that include ESP Websites to meet your company needs. You may visit our ASI Store to review pricing, or contact your ASI Account Executive.

How do I purchase ESP Websites?

You may purchase ESP Websites via our ASI Store or contact your ASI Account Executive.

Do you offer training on ESP Websites?

Yes, we offer several online training sessions on ESP Websites, as well as provide materials and video tutorials 24/7 right here in the ASI Knowledge Base.

I want to set up a store front for my customer that focuses on their company. Can I do this with my ESP Website?

ASI offers Company Stores for just that purpose. Company Stores are individual sites, independent of your ESP Website, which you can customize for a client.

Do you offer training on Company Stores?

Yes, we offer a free live training session on Company Stores; as well as training materials and video tutorials 24/7 right here in the ASI Knowledge base.

What is PCI Compliance?

Payment Card Inductry (PCI) Compliance is a set of security standards developed to protect credit card information during and after a financial transactions.

Is My ESP Website/Company Store PCI Compliant?

ASI remains current with PCI Compliance mandates and ensures that your ESP Website/Company Stores are within the established standards. PromoPayment, an ASI affiliate, provides credit card processing services.

Do I need to schedule a product of the day?

Yes, products of the day will not be shown unless they are scheduled in the Product of the Day section.

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