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Coded Product Numbers in ESP Web

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Coded product numbers are distinct call numbers for products which are unique to your company that are different from the supplier's product number. Coded product numbers only correspond to products in your ESP and the ESP of all users in your company. This means that every user under your ASI number will have the same coded product number for an item.

A benefit to using coded product numbers is that they can only be utilized by your company. Imagine you've sent a presentation containing the supplier's product number to a customer. That product number will be searchable on the internet to both your customer and possibly your competitors. But coded product numbers are not traceable, even if your competitors are also using ESP!

Coded product numbers are located in the Quick view and Product Detail view.

You can also search for coded product numbers by typing "CPN" followed by the number in the Quick Search bar and clicking on Go. When entering the "CPN" before the numbers, please note that is not case sensitive, nor do you need to type the "-".

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