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General ASI Show FAQs

Where are the ASI Shows held?

ASI®Show hosts major trade shows are held in the following US cities:

The dates for all of the upcoming shows can be found on, the ASI Show™ website.

I’d like to attend the Gala. Do I need a ticket for the event?

Yes, you can order tickets prior to the show by logging onto and clicking on the show you wish to attend. Once there, click on Schedule and find the place and time of each gala. By clicking on the name of the venue, this will redirect you to the registration page for registration and ticket information.

Who can I contact if I am unable to attend the Gala?

If you cannot attend the gala once you’ve registered, please contact the registration desk at the show venue or call (800) 546-1350 ext. 2299.

Are there any discounts available on Gala tickets?

Discounted tickets are available for a limited time after the show date announcement of each show. Deadlines for discounts are listed on the ASI Show website and vary by show. Please check the dates for the show(s) you are planning to attend.

I ordered tickets for the Gala, where can I pick them up?

Tickets to the Gala are provided with your ID badge during registration check-in at the show.

Do I need a ticket to attend to the keynote address?

Yes, tickets are necessary for the Keynote address. To order tickets, please go to the ASI Show website. Click on the show you wish to attend, then click on the Schedule button. Once there, find the date and time of the keynote address and click on the name of the speaker. By scrolling down, you will find availability to purchase meet and greet tickets, early seating tickets and general admission tickets. There is a nominal charge for the meet and greet and early admission tickets.

I'm currently working on my certification. What education opportunities are being offered at the show?

There is a full day of education available for all shows. To check the classes being given and the times, please log on to Once there, click on 2018 Shows, select the city of the show you wish to attend, then click on the education button. You will find the various topics and skill levels available, as well as the times of each class. Training room information will be available at the show. Most classes are first-come, first-serve; however, some require pre-registration and a ticket to attend. Please check the ASI Show website for any special instructions.

ASI Show Registration FAQs

I am interested in attending one of your main shows. How can I register to attend?

Go to the ASI Show™ site, click on the Register button and choose the show you are interested in attending, then your membership type: distributor, supplier or multi-line rep. All ASI® distributor members who are current members, and in good standing, are eligible to register for the show free of charge. Once you have registered, you will be emailed a confirmation number. Please be advised of the following:

  • Attendees must be over age 12 to be on the show floor.
  • Registration does not include a hotel room, if needed.
  • Badges for the show will be available at the Registration desk at the show. They are not mailed in advance.

I am not a member of ASI and would like to attend the show. What are my options?

Promotional Products professionals who are not currently ASI members can pay $234.00 at the Show for all 3 days, including Education day. Non-members can also pay $100.00 for a 2 day pass, or become a member prior to the show and attend all 3 days for free.

Note: If you decide to join ASI after attending the Show, the attendance fee you paid will be credited to your membership

I am not a member and would like to attend just the Education day. Is there a fee?

Yes, the fee for Education day is $234.00 for the entire day. Free passes are then available for exhibit days.

I am a supplier member and would like to register to walk the show floor. Is that possible?

Only distributor members are permitted to walk the show floor. If you are interested in exhibiting at any of the 5 main shows or the ASI Roadshows, please contact your ASI Show account manager at (800) 546-3300.

I am a distributor and would like to bring some of my clients to the show. Can I do that?

Only ASI listed distributors are permitted to attend.

I have received an invitation from a supplier to attend the show. Can I do that and how do I register?

If you have received a special 1 day pass from one of our exhibiting supplier members, please log on to, click on the city of the show, hover on Register (second button from the left on the red toolbar) and then select distributor. The registration form will open. Enter your email, ASI Number (or Billing Code) and the Special Pass code or Campaign code, one of which will show on the official invitation from the supplier. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact our Show Registration department at (800) 546-1350 ext. 2299 and our representatives will assist you.

I am attending the show and need to book a hotel. How can I do that?

Go to and click on the button for the show in the city you would like to attend. Then, hover on the Hotels button on the red toolbar and select the type of membership you have (distributor or supplier). You will be redirected to the website of Travel Planners, which is the company that handles all of the hotel reservations. Please enter information regarding your stay and complete the form in its entirety.

ASI Roadshow FAQs

How can I find out the where and when of the traveling shows?

On the ASI Roadshow site you will see the geographical areas of the country and dates that the show will be visiting.

How do I find information on the regional ASI Roadshows?

The ASI Roadshow site contains more information on the regional ASI Roadshows. Click on the region to see the cities in which the ASI Roadshow will be held.

Are these shows the same as those in the major cities?

No, the ASI Roadshows are table top shows that run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and are in a different city each day.

I am a supplier and am interested in exhibiting at the ASI Roadshow. How can I do that?

You can either contact your ASI Show account manager at (800) 546-3300 or complete and submit the interest form.

I am not a Member. Can I attend the ASI Roadshows?

Yes, if you are a promotional products professional, you are more than welcome to attend these roadshows. We ask that you bring business cards with you as you will be meeting with suppliers in the industry.

Will there be an ASI rep available to discuss membership/ASI Services?

Yes, a member of our sales team is available to discuss your membership needs as well as new products and services.

fASIlitate FAQs

What is fASIlitate?

fASIlitate™ is executive-level, invitation-only hosted buyer event from ASI® is designed to foster high-level distributor and supplier relationships while creating lucrative business opportunities.

What is the format of fASIlitate?

During a three-day schedule, we preset private 20 minute meetings between pre-qualified, invited distributors and highly sought after suppliers, with time throughout the day and evening to check in with the office or catch up on important business calls. Plus, after-hour networking and group meals deliver an interactive forum to foster new relationships and connect with other high-level professionals.

When is fASIlitate?

The dates and locations of upcoming fASIlitate events are available on the fASIlitate site.

How much does it cost to attend fASIlitate?

There is no cost for an invited distributor. Coach round-trip airfares, all accommodations and meals for invited million-dollar sales producers are covered by fASIlitate for the duration of the event.

Why should I attend fASIlitate versus other similar industry events?

We have the resources and technology to identify who's who in the industry and only invite those members to this event. We not only have the best accommodations, but the quality of participating fASIlitate suppliers are the best partners in the industry.

I am an ASI Distributor Member. How can I participate at fASIlitate?

If you are a distributor who is interested in participating at fASIlitate, you may complete and submit an interest formfor formal invitation consideration.

I am an ASI Supplier Member. How can I participate at fASIlitate?

If you are a supplier who is interested in participating at fASIlitate, contact ASI Show Sales at (215) 953-3300 or email Suppliers interested in attending may complete and submit an interest formfor formal invitation consideration. Supplier participation is limited by product category, so that suppliers are able to showcase their product lines with minimal competition and without disruption.

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