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ASI Education FAQs

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How much does it cost to get certified?

It's free for ASI members to BASI- or MASI- certified. ASI invests over $1 million annually to educate our members and cover the entire cost of this certification program.

How do I access ASI Education?

ASI members can log in at

How do I log into ASI Education?

You will need your ASI Single-Sign-On (SSO) information, which is information you use to log into ESP. If you do not know your SSO information, please email

How long does it take to earn the BASI?

That's up to you! Utilizing the available resources in ASI Education, you can enrich your knowledge of the promotional products industry. You will need to attend one live ASI event and complete at least one Counselor® State of the Industry or ASI Quarterly Sales Survey. When you feel ready to take the 60-question BASI or MASI final exam, please complete the form on the ASI Education page. You’ll receive a reply within two business days.

How does a BASI/MASI Certification help my business?

Earning a BASI/MASI Certification can help your business:

  • Gain prestige with your certification
  • Expand your industry knowledge
  • Learn how to best market products and services
  • Discover sales strategies that promote business growth
  • Show your clients that you're a true solutions provider

Will there still be classes at the ASI Shows?

Yes! The ASI Shows in Orlando, Fort Worth and Chicago still feature dozens of live education courses taught by experts in their fields.

Why did ASI retire the points system?

We understand that our members have demanding schedules – in addition to significant industry knowledge – so we decided to streamline our certification process.

What happens to the points I already earned?

Points are no longer being offered or tracked, so you can request the BASI exam (or the MASI exam if you've already earned your BASI) as soon as you feel ready to take it and have fulfilled the ASI event and survey requirements. If you’d like to know your total points as of November 20, 2018, please email with your request.

When can I take the SOI or Quarterly Sales survey?

The Counselor® State of the Industry (SOI) Survey for suppliers, distributors, and decorators is available every year from January through March. The ASI Quarterly Sales Survey for distributors and decorators is available every April, January, and October.

I already earned my BASI/MASI - do I still need to recertify it?

No, as the BASI and MASI certifications no longer expire. If you have a certificate with an expiration date, we will be happy to mail you an updated certificate. Please email to request an updated certificate.

How many questions are in the BASI/MASI final exam?

Each exam has 60 multiple choice and True/False questions. You need to score 70% or higher to pass.

Where can I download the BASI and/or MASI logo(s)?

The BASI and MASI logos are available in the Certification section of the ASI Education page.

Can I transfer my CAS or MAS to a BASI or an MASI?

Yes, ASI recognizes the effort you spent - and industry knowledge you gained - by earning your CAS or MAS, so we would be pleased to transfer your certification into our BASI or MASI certification.

Note: Only current ASI members can transfer to our certification. 

To do this, please email a photo/scan of your CAS or MAS plaque or transcript, showing the dates of your certification to ASI Education.

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