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Advertising Opportunities with ASI

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ASI Suppliers can take advantage of numerous advertising opportunities through a variety of mediums. Marketers and advertisers are always looking to create engagement with their buyers and ASI®, has been creating it for the past 60 years! We offer simple and direct guidance to assist our supplier members in their advertising investments.

Digital Advertising

ASI® has a growing digital footprint that will help enhance your industry credibility and increase brand awareness. With ESP® advertising, you can put your products directly in front of distributors as they're searching for products like yours or looking for ideas. You can also extend your brand through email marketing and e-newsletter advertising or reach distributors outside ESP through retargeting ads. ESP is the industry's #1 business platform.

ASI's digital advertising opportunities include:

  • ESP Distributors use it every day to find product solutions for their clients and manage their businesses.
  • EmailExpress: Capture the attention of distributors with customized, targeted EmailExpress messaging. Generate interest, connect with prospects and track the success of your campaign.
  • Connect: Connect™ is a prospecting and credit reporting tool allowing you to instantly qualify leads and safeguard your company. Connect helps you target new audiences, identify markets and instantly verify information on current and prospective distributors.
  • e-Newsletters: ASI Supplier members can also advertising on ASI’s E-Newsletters - combining award-winning editorial content with the convenience of digital media.
  • Web & Video: From hot promo product videos to the best tips and advice, ASI-TV has you covered!
  • ASI Central: is your primary hub for distributors and suppliers in the promotional products industry.
  • ESP Buyer's Box: Get your products, sample packs and catalogs into the right hands.

Check out the Digital section of the ASI Media Kit for more information!

Print Advertising

Place your ad in one of our award-winning publications.

ASI Suppliers can advertise in our magazines:

  • Counselor®: The voice of the promotional product industry provides important news, trends and business strategies to top distributor decision-makers.
  • Advantages®: Advantages® keeps 77,700 top distributor salespeople tuned in to new products, ideas and sales techniques. Trust in the reputation and credibility of the industry's leading sales publication to help brand, launch and most importantly, sell your products!
  • Wearables®: The promotional products industry's #1 apparel and decorating source for distributors, screen printers and embroiderers.
  • Supplier Global Resource Online: Supplier Global Resource™ Online is dedicated to today’s supplier and delivers important industry news and hot-button issues from across the globe. This online platform is updated daily and gives you real-time information and insight to build your business.

ASI Catalogs give distributors and clients new ideas and countless ways of using promotional products.

  • Idea Showcase® Fall (Education): Put your products in front of 380,000 end buyers in the industry's first largest ad specialties market: Education.
  • The GiftBook®: ASI's most upscale and elegant catalog, containing an impressive collection of timeless gifts and incentives. The perfect catalog to kick-off the holiday and 4th-quarter selling season.
  • Idea Showcase® Spring (Health Care): Showcase your best items to the top markets in the promotional products industry, including the lucrative health care market.
  • Spectrum®: The most versatile, sought-after catalog in the industry. It’s an easy marketing choice for suppliers who want their products displayed to a large audience all year.
  • ESP Buyer's Box: Nothing tells your product story like a product sample. ESP Buyer's Box™ will get it into the right hands.

Check out the Print section of the ASI Media Kit for more information!

ASI Creative Labs

ASI Distributors and Suppliers can engage and educate prospects and customers to build brand awareness. Cut through the noise by producing quality content at the right time ad place for influencing a sale. Content can be in the form of various media, including white papers, info-graphics, case studies and more.

Want to learn more about Content Marketing? Check out the Creative Labs section of the ASI Media Kit!


Our shows are much more than scan-and-go shows. They're specifically designed to foster real conversations where suppliers and distributors can connect and build relationships that translate to successful, long-term business partnerships.

For more information on how to advertise at ASI Events, check out the Events section of the ASI Media Kit!

Additional Advertising Opportunities

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