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Accessing ESP Mobile

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The first step to accessing ESP Mobile HD is to have an ESP Web account. If you have not already upgraded to ESP Web from ESP Online, please click on this link:

You can use your ESP Online account to upgrade to your free ESP Web account. There is no charge for upgrading to ESP Web and you will still be able to use your ESP Online.

By creating an ESP Web account, you are also creating your login for ESP Mobile+.

  • For Android users, download the ESP Web Mobile+ from the Google Play Store. Now, the ESP Mobile+ App will be available in the apps on your Android.
  • For Apple users, download the ESP Web Mobile+ from the Apple Store.

Note: you may have to scroll to the right to access additional downloaded apps on your Apple or Android phones.

Click on the ESP icon.

Once you open the ESP Mobile+ app, you will be prompted to login.

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