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Website Settings

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Website Settings

The Website Settings section enables you to establish defaults for your site, control the information that is displayed, and even create a site password

After logging into the ESP Website admin, locate your site and click on the Edit Site button.

Click on the plus button to expand the Website Settings area and then make your selection.
Note: To close the menu, click on the minus button.

The options within the Website Settings section include:

Site Summary

In this section, you are able to view your ESP Website site title, domain, language(s), analytics, status, type, and last published date.

If you would like to restore your site to its default settings, click the "Reset Site" button.

Note: Resetting the site does not affect saved images or content.

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Site Info

In the Site Info section, there are two sections: Set Up Your Site and Enter Your Company Info.

Set Up Your Site

Edit your site information including; title, e-mail and owner name and title. Check the Display on my site box to show this information on your site. 

After making changes in this section, click on the Save button.

Enter Your Company Info

Enter your company company information such as your Company name, address, and contact information. Use the checkboxes to select which information you would like to display live on your site.

Note: You must enter a phone number and email, even if you choose not to display them on your site.

After you have finished making changes, click on the Save Address button in this area.

To publish your changes, click on the Make Changes Live link.

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Display Options

In the Display Options area, you can use the checkboxes to select which information you would like to have displayed on your ESP Website.

Use the checkboxes to select which information you would like to have displayed on your ESP Website.

You can use the Default Sort dropdown to change the how search results are sorted on your site. You can select Best Matched, Price: Low to High or Price: High to Low from the dropdown.

The Product Option Assistant dropdown to select whether to use the Basic Version or skip this option (It is recommend that if the shopping cart is enabled you use the Basic Version).

After you have finished setting your display options, click on the Save button and then click on the Make Changes Live link.

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In the Domains section, you can add a custom domain name or redirect your domain to your ESP Website or Company Store.

Add a Custom Domain Name

To add a domain name, click on the "Add New ESP Website Address or Custom Domain" button. Then, type your new domain name into the field and click on the Save button.

If you select to use a standard ESP Website address, "" will automatically be added to the name you enter.
Note: If you are working with a Company Store, the standard Company Store address will be "".

To edit your domain name, click on the Edit link under Action, type your new domain name, and then click on the Save button.

Redirect Your Domain

If you have selected to use a custom domain, you do not need to type "www." Just type the domain name – for example:

You will need to set up a redirect to point your custom domain to your ESP Website. Contact your domain host (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.) and have them redirect the domain name by pointing the A record to the provided IP address ( You can redirect up to four (4) domain names.

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If you have a Google© Analytics account and would like to link it to your ESP Website or Company Store, you can do so in the Analytics are of the Website Settings. Check the "Enable Google Analytics Service" and enter your account number. Then, click on Save and then click on the Make Changes Live link.

If you do not have a Google© Analytics account, you can create one by clicking on the "Create an account" button on the Google© Analytics home page.

For more information on using Google© Analytics, please review the "Help" section on the official Google Analytics website.

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There are three main sections within the eCommerce area which enable you to manage the pricing, payment, coupons, company points, and email notification options for your ESP Website or Company Store.

  • Price Adjust: Modify the pricing information for all products, create set-up charges, and determine how pricing is displayed.
  • Coupons and Company Points: Enable coupons, company points, and supplier specials.
  • Payment Options: Select the payment capabilities, manage credit card processing, and select email notification options.

Price Adjust

The Adjust Product Pricing enables you to set pricing for the products on your site. The default setting is the Supplier's Catalog Price.

There are several options available and you can establish your price adjustment by clicking on the radio button for the option you wish to use, entering the percentage if applicable, clicking on Save and then clicking the Make Changes Live link.

You are able to add or subtract a percentage from the Catalog price by clicking on the radio button and entering a number in the percentage (%) box. In the example below, all products will display with a 10% increase from the supplier’s catalog price.

You are also able to adjust pricing based on the net cost. While visitors to your site will not be able to see the net cost, you are able to have a percentage of the net cost added to the supplier's catalog price. For example: A product has a supplier catalog price (list price) of $7.50 and a net cost of $5.00. If you enter 50 in the "Add % of Net Cost to the Catalog Price" box, the dollar amount calculated from the net cost (50% of $5.00 is $2.50) will be added to the supplier's catalog price. In this example, the $2.50 will be added to the $7.50 for a new list price of $10.00.

Setting a profit margin will automatically adjust the catalog price based on the profit margin you establish. For example, if you wish to maintain a 40% profit margin on every product, ESP Websites will automatically adjust the product pricing to reflect the profit margin.

You also have the option to not show any pricing on your ESP Website or Company Store, but this is not recommended because pricing will display as "QUR" meaning "Quote Upon Request".

Pricing Options and Display

The Pricing Options and Display section enables you to establish a setup charge for all products. Enter a dollar amount in the per Product box and then type a name for the setup charge. When a product is added to the shopping cart, a pop-up window called the Product Option Assistant will open. This window contains the product information and the user can enter a quantity and select additional criteria regarding options for the item prior to checking out. The charge you create in the Pricing Options and Display area will appear above the quantity in the Product Option Assistant.

You are also able to control how many decimal places are displayed on your site. You can show up to 3 decimal places by clicking the "Change max decimal places on pricing" option and then entering the amount in the available box.

Price grid names can be modified as well. The "Price" row will always display on your site, but you are able to customize the caption. For example, instead of "Price" the row could read "You Pay" or "Buyer Cost".
Note: The ability to customize the display names will only be available if you have selected a price adjustment option.

If you have adjusted the price, you can display a row showing any price reductions and modify the name of the row to fit your needs.

There are two additional pricing display options in this section:

  • Show pricing codes – This will display the discount code for the item (ex. PQR, 5P).
  • Hide prices for products with pricing not confirmed this year – If the supplier has not confirmed pricing within the past year, the pricing for the item will display as QUR.

Coupons, Company Points, and Supplier Specials

The Coupons & Points Options in the eCommerce section enable you to enable coupons, establish company points and manage supplier specials.

To enable Coupons and Company Points, check the corresponding checkbox.

To create and manage coupons, go to Global Features and click on Coupon Manager.

When setting up company points:

  • Type a currency name, such as "Discount Points".
  • Add a currency symbol, to represent your currency. The currency symbol should be a two letter abbreviation such as "DP".
  • Set the points exchange rate, meaning the amount of points that will equal one (1) US dollar. As an example, if you type 100 in the points exchange rate box, the customer will receive a one dollar discount from their order total for every 100 points they entered on your site.

Lastly, click on the Make Changes Live link.

Payment Options

If you would like to accept credit card and e-check payments you must have a PromoPayment account. To sign-up for PromoPayment, click on the "Enroll Today" banner in the Payment Processing Center and create a PromoPayment account.

After you have received your key from PromoPayment, return to the eCommerce section and select "I Want to Accept Payments on My Site". Check the "Credit Card" and "Electronic Payment" boxes.

Note: Paypal will not function properly if you frame (iframe) your website

Enable deposits and add a dollar amount or percentage in the deposit field. Lastly, select which credit cards you accept and enter or paste in your PromoPayment Security Key.

In the Other Charge Options section, you can set shipping charges and sales tax to be applied at checkout.

To enable your shipping charges, select from:

  • Fixed Amount (flat rate)
  • Percentage
  • No Shipping Charges

Then, enter the value in the respective box.

If you are entering a percentage, the Min and Max are the amount of the order to which the percentage should be applied.

For example: A 10% shipping charge will apply to all orders totaling $100 to $1000 dollars.

To set up a sales tax code, use the dropdown to make your selection.

Order Confirmation Options

The Order Confirmation Options enable you to use the dropdown to select which representative will be the owner of new orders placed on the website. Below the dropdown, you can select who can see orders from the website.

Submit Order Content

You are able to include custom text on the Thank You Page after an order is placed, in the Email to your customer and the disclaimer within that email.

Artwork Options:

  • The "Use uploaded artwork" option would enable customers to import their logo to the order.
  • The "Use approved artwork" option would only allow logos that are currently uploaded to your site to be used.

When you are finished making changes in any section of the eCommerce tab, click on the Save button. Lastly, click on the Make Changes Live link.

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My Site Password

You are able to password protect your site by:

  1. Checking the "Enable Password Protection" box.
  2. Entering text in the "Password Prompt Text" box.
  3. Typing the password for your site in the password box.

When you are finished, click on Save and then click on the Make Changes Live link.

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Exclusions Lists enable you remove products, categories, and even specific suppliers from your ESP Website or Company Store. To create a list, go to the Global Features dropdown and select Exclusion Lists.

After you have created an exclusion list, you can apply it to your site using the Exclusions option in the Website Settings area.

In this area, you can:

  • Click an individual list or hold CTRL to select multiple lists, and then use the right pointing arrows to add these to the Selected List box.
  • Use the double right pointing arrows to add all available lists to the Selected List box.
  • Click an individual list or hold CTRL to select multiple lists in the Selected Lists, and then use the left pointing arrows to remove them from the Selected List box.
  • Use the double left pointing arrows to remove all selected lists.

Click on the Save button when you are finished. Click on the Make Changes Live to publish these changes.

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