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Viewing Products in ESP Web for Suppliers

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After completing a search in ESP, product results are displayed in the List view, but you are also able to switch to the Grid view, Image view, or choose to customize the search results. You are also able to sort and narrow your results in these views. In addition, you can also use the Quick views for a snapshot of product information as well as see all available product specs along with supplier information in the Detail view.

Sorting & Narrowing Product Results

Sort Search Results

Use the Sort By dropdown in the List, Grid, or Image view to choose how your product results are displayed.

In addition to Default, the available options in the Sort By dropdown are:

Price: High to Low Price: Low to High Cost: Low to High Cost: High to Low Profit
Product Name Product Number Confirmed Product New Product Recently Updated

Narrowing Search Results

After you have done a search, you can narrow your results down even further. From the results page, there is a section on the left to narrow your search results using "Guided Navigation".

  • Clicking a narrow results topic will open the subset of the field below it. (As you can see with color, the subsets are not specific, and are grouped by shade).
  • To see more than the top five in the list, you can click on the "+ See More" link in the bottom right.
  • To narrow the results further, click on the shades, in this example, blue shades.
  • Clicking on "blue shades" will open the different subsets of blue within the search.

Click on a type of blue to narrow your products down to that specific shade. Rather than trying to match what the supplier listed (navy, navy blue, dark navy blue); you have access to all the products in that color field through a few clicks!
Note: When selecting any "narrowing result" criteria, the actual numbers of items that will display are shown to the right of the criteria.

If you find that you have narrowed the criteria too deeply, you are able to remove some of your search by unchecking it in the "Your Search Terms" area.

You can also click on the "Clear All" link to remove all of the search terms.

Some fields include checkboxes which enable you to select multiple options. Mark the boxes for the criteria you would like to use and then click on the Apply button. The selected options will be added to your searched criteria.

Using the List View

In the List View, on each product listed, you will see a thumbnail image, your supplier information, product name and number and the list and net prices for the minimum quantity or the quantity you searched.

There a several additional options that may be included on a listing:

  • Checkmark: Product information has been confirmed as accurate.
  • Design Icon: Indicates that this product is virtual sample enabled, meaning that you can apply your logo or create a blank product.
  • New: Items that have been added to ESP within the past six months.
  • Video: If a product video has been uploaded, a green video box will be displayed on the thumbnail image.

Clicking on the Product Name will display the product in the Detail view.

If you hover on a product, the Compare and Save options will display.

  • Compare will enable you to view multiple items side by side.
  • Save will add the product your clipboard.

Using the Grid View

The Grid view displays each product as a tile with a thumbnail image, product name, your supplier name and rating. Hovering on an image will display the list and net cost as well as the Compare and Save buttons.

Clicking on the thumbnail will open the inline quick view.

Using the Image View

The Image view displays the thumbnail image for each product, as well as special flag, virtual sample enabled icon, and video flag if applicable.

Hovering on an image will display the product name, list price, net cost, your supplier name, your ASI Number, rating, and contact link. Additionally, the Compare and Save buttons will be shown.

Customize How Product Results Display

Use the Customize Results link to make your selections.

The Customize your search window will open.

Choose which view to make the default for your searches: List, Grid, or Image. You can also use the Sort Order dropdown to select a default sort by.

The thumbnail size option is only available for the List view, but you are able to select small, medium, or large.

Use the slider to select whether you would like the Detail view to open in a new tab.

The Show details option enables you to select individual checkboxes for the information you would like to include on your search results. There are also three additional options:

  • End Buyer Safe: This link will display only the product name, list price, and coded product number.
  • Select All: This link will mark every checkbox so that all of the information for those fields is displayed.
  • Restore Defaults: This button will return the selected details to the standard ESP selections.

When you are finished customizing your options, click on the Save button.

Using the Quick Views

Two additional features that are provided for you are the large image and inline quick views.

The large image quick view will display when you hover on the thumbnail image from the list view. It will display a larger thumbnail, your supplier information and pricing information, as well as the Compare and Save buttons.

Clicking on the Quick Info will open the inline quick view.

The inline quick view will display when you click on the thumbnail image. A summary of basic product and your supplier information will be displayed, as well as the Compare and Save buttons. Use the Full Details button to open the Detail View.

Using the Detail View

The Detail View provides you with all the information about that product and supplier.

Clicking on the product name in the List or Grid view will open the Detail View in a new tab.

Product Information

At the top of the product detail page, the product name, product number, date the product was last updated is displayed, and coded product number will be displayed.

Why do I see a notification at the top of the page?

If a red product expiration warning appears at the top of the page, it means that this item will no longer be available after the amount of time displayed in the notification. In addition to alerting you that the product will expire, the notification (when provided by the supplier) will also contain a link to the most similar product available from the same supplier.

The Options on the Detail Page include:

  • Create Presentation: Use ESP Presentations to design a presentation.
  • Save to Clipboard: Will add the item to your clipboard.
  • Save to Project: Will move the product into a project folder.
  • Send: Email the product listing directly from ESP.

The main difference between saving to the clipboard and saving to a project folder is that the clipboard will hold items up to 90 days, whereas projects will store items without term limits.

The product image is located at the top left of the details page.

Also, if a video has been uploaded for this product, click on the Video link. A pop-up window will open and begin playing the video.

Use the download image link to save the product image to your computer.

If the product contains Prop 65 warnings, they will be displayed directly below the image, as well as in the Safety Warnings section.

To the right of the product image is the basic product details. The options displayed are based on the applicable product information. These fields included in this section are:

  • Summary: A brief description of the product.
  • Product number: The supplier provided item number.
  • Confirmed checkmark: If the supplier has confirmed the product information, the checkmark icon will be displayed.
  • Live data feed arrows: If the supplier can provide live data information for this product.
  • Coded product number: Coded product numbers are specialized codes which are unique to each company's ASI number.
  • Production time: The standard time to produce the product.
  • Price range: The price range depicts the pricing information for all quantities.
  • Currency selector: If the supplier has provided pricing for the item in US (USD) and Canadian (CAD) dollars, you will be able to use the dropdown to select the currency you would like to view.
  • Preferred status and pricing information: If the supplier has been designated a preferred supplier and your company has special pricing with that supplier, it will be displayed in this section.
  • Rush service: If the supplier provides rush service, the indicator will be displayed.

Supplier Information

Your basic supplier information, including contact information, is available in this section.

If you are viewing your own product, this section enables you to view how your contact information appears to distributors. The Contact and Email Supplier links will not appear if it is your company's product.

Additional Criteria Toolbar

The additional criteria toolbar contains buttons which link to additional criteria for the item. Click on a button to jump to that specific section of the additional product details. You are also able to scroll down to view all information.

Some products contain multiple price grids because the price of the item is dependent on a specific feature. For example, a T-Shirt available in XS-4XL might have one price for the XS-XL size and another for 2XL to 4XL.

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