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Supplier Single Sign On Account

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A Single Sign On (SSO) account enables ASI Supplier members to log into your Connect and ESP Services, ASI Education, and ASI Central with the login credentials.

Your SSO account does not apply to ESP Online or the ASI Online Account Manager.

Connect and ESP Services

Connect and ESP Services are available by going to and enable you to access:

  • ASI Connect
    ASI Connect enables suppliers to check the credit of distributors whom you are planning to do business or have done business with in the past.
  • ESP Updates
    ESP Updates is an application available to suppliers for updating their own information.
  • ESP Web
    ESP Web for Suppliers enables suppliers to view their product information exactly as distributor members do.
  • ESP Websites Admin
    ESP Websites are eCommerce enabled and are able to host social networking links such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. ESP Websites also have the ability to accept coupon codes, are Google Analytics enabled, and completely customizable.
  • ESP Analytics
    ESP Analytics provides access to analytical information for your company.
  • Email Marketing
    Email Marketing provides access to the EmailExpress statistics for your company.

ASI Education

ASI offers free certification through ASI Education. Through the BASI/MASI certification program ASI members can learn about the promotional products industry online as well as through education opportunities at ASI Shows. Take advantage of this free program and join industry colleagues who have already achieved certification!

ASI Central

ASI Central enables suppliers to access information about business savings program information, industry news, and much more!

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