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Supplier Membership Packages

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There are five ASI Supplier Packages available on the ASI Store for Suppliers.

Each membership package includes an official and exclusive ASI Number which is one of the most important means of identification in the Promotional Products/Specialty Advertising Industry. The ASI numbering system helps assure that distributors don't confuse your company with another supplier with a similar name when they place orders, write purchase orders or even pay their bills.

Your Supplier ASI Number also:

  • Plays an important role in maintaining confidentiality
  • Provides you a way to identify your company on your literature, samples and price sheets (in place of your corporate name, address and phone number)
  • Can be displayed on all communications, literature, advertising and business forms used within the industry (recommended)
  • Can be printed on these forms with or without an official trademarked ASI logo

There are many ways of using your ASI number. If you are writing or typing your ASI number in correspondence, or printing it on any piece without including an official ASI logo along with it, your number should appear as follows: asi/12345
Note: Please do not write ASI with periods (A.S.I.) or in capital letters and don't use the number sign "#" to express your ASI number. It is also incorrect to use these letters in conjunction with words like price or catalog (i.e. ASI price, ASI catalog, etc.) as they are your prices and catalogs, etc., not the prices or catalogs of the Advertising Specialty Institute.

In addition to the ASI Supplier Packages, Suppliers have the option to subscribe to ASI Magazines. ASI offers a wide range of award-winning publications to help keep your finger on the pulse of the promotional products industry.

ASI Magazines include:

Suppliers can also add ASI Connect and/or a booth at an ASI Show to their ASI services.  ASI ConnectTM is a web-based, easy-to-use information source. Suppliers use it to gather distributor financial information so they can make sound business decisions. There are several ASI Connect options available to ASI Suppliers.

Please visit the ASI Canada site for more information on Canadian ASI Supplier Membership.

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