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Supplier ESP Online Technical Support FAQs

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What is ESP Online for Suppliers?

ESP Online for Suppliers is a downloaded application that can be accessed from the desktop and shows all of your product listings.

What is the difference between ESP Online for Suppliers and ESP Web for Suppliers?

ESP Online for Suppliers is a software-based application and ESP Web for Suppliers is an internet-based application. Each application will display your product listings as they would appear to distributors.

What is the cost to get ESP Online for Suppliers?

There is no cost; this application is included with your Supplier membership.

Can I update my products through ESP Online for Suppliers?

Product information can be updated using ESP Updates. Please contact the ESP Information Team at (800) 546-1350, ext. 4377 or email for more information ESP Updates.

Can I use ESP Online for Suppliers on a Mac?

If you are using the proper Windows Emulation software, such as Parallels, then yes. If not, it is recommended you use ESP Web or a PC.

Where can I download ESP Online for Suppliers?

For assistance on how to download ESP Online for Suppliers, please refer to the Install ESP Online article.

How do I log out of ESP Online for Suppliers?

Go to File and click on Exit from the dropdown.

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