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Stitches Magazine for Decorators

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Stitches® magazine is the voice and vision of the embroidery industry and the single most referenced magazine in the business. Each issues is written specifically for the commercial embroiderer giving expert advice, stitching techniques and innovative design ideas to increase sales in the embroidery marketplace. All of that, and Stitches magazine is a free monthly publication!

Stitches Online Features:

Free Product Info: This is an online resource for products and services offered by Advertisers featured in Stitches magazine. This service is provided as a quick and easy way to request product information online. You can also request more information or connect directly to advertisers' websites and view the last four issues of Stitches by company name, RSN. Use the check boxes to select multiple companies that you'd like to be contacted by after filling out a short form.

Sourcing Guide: Search for products and services relating to the embroidery industry and download White Papers for leading-edge product research and relevant business strategies, for free.

Swap Meet: A free board where you can post short classified ads.

Blogs: Links to various blogs including DecQuorum, Ask Phil, On Links and Needles, Stitchwork, and Embroidery Business Success Tips.

Glossary: A comprehensive glossary of terms related to embroidery. We have added some new terms and will also give you the lowdown on the different synthetic and eco-friendly fabrics in addition to a short list of apparel suppliers' own unique terms to describe their garments' particular performance attributes.

Calendar: Submit your event for possible inclusion in Stitches' calendar. Please send an e-mail to, subject line: Stitches Events, or write to Stitches, Attn.: Events, 4800 Street Road, Trevose, PA 19053.

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