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Scorecard FAQs

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How can I see my company's Product Scorecard?

Each company user licensed for the ESP Updates tool can view the Product Scorecard. Not currently licensed for ESP Updates? Please contact us at for assistance.

How do I adjust the frequency that I am receiving the Product Scorecard emails?

Each company user licensed for the ESP Updates tool has the ability to change how often they are receiving a Product Scorecard summary email without impacting other ESP Updates users within their company, simply by logging in to ESP Updates , scrolling to the bottom of the Scorecard page and changing their Scorecard Email Frequency.

The default for each user’s email setting is Biannually, but users can choose from the following selections based on their individual needs: Biannually, Quarterly, Monthly, Never.

Is Missing Pricing a factor in the score?

No, since a product cannot be activated without pricing.

What if the product price is QUR?

QUR (Quote Upon Request) is considered pricing for products that are customized and does not detract from the score.

My products were optimized. Shouldn't I have a perfect score?

Optimization helps your products be more searchable. The product score reflects the search-ability as well as the order-ability of your products.

Once I update my products and add the missing information, how long will it take for my score to update?

The score is in real-time and will be updated upon Refresh.

What is the benefit of adding the information to the suggested fields?

By adding the missing attribute information, your products will be more search-able and appear in more search results making it easier for distributors to find your products.

In addition, adding the missing order details (shipping weight, imprint colors, etc.) make it easier for distributors to order directly from ESP Orders, making the ordering process more efficient for both you and the distributor.

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