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Role of ASI FAQs

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What is an ASI number?

The ASI® number has been the gold standard for both distributors and suppliers in the advertising specialty industry for over 50 years. It remains the only true, consistent industry identifier, recognized by all distributors and suppliers. The ASI number brings to the table exclusive benefits that other industry organizations do not provide. Supplier numbers include five digits, displayed as (asi/12345), and distributor numbers include six digits, displayed as (asi/123456).

Where can I learn more about advertising specialties?

An advertising specialty, also known as a promotional product, is any item imprinted with a logo or slogan and given out to promote a company, organization, product, service, special achievement or event. T-shirts, mugs, pens and key tags are popular examples, and just about anything can be imprinted. In fact, ESP, the ASI database, includes more than 750,000 ad specialties.

What is the role of an ASI Member?

There are five different types of ASI Members:

  • Distributors - Buy promotional products from suppliers and sell to end-buyers
  • Suppliers - Manufacture or Import promotional products
  • Decorators - Embellish products for suppliers and distributors
  • Multi-line Representatives - Independent contractor representing different supplier lines
  • Manufacturers - Manufacture and/or export promotional products

What is a supplier?

A supplier is a manufacturer or importer of a promotional product, any item that can be used for advertising or promotional purposes, imprinted with a company's name or logo, and is then sold to the end buyer by our distributor members.

What is a distributor?

A distributor is a reseller of the promotional product, or imprinted incentive.

As a supplier, can I also sell promotional products?

Yes, there is a supplier version of ESP Web available by subscription. Please contact your ASI Account Executive for details.

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