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No Break-Out Policy FAQs

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Why is ASI implementing a No Break-Out Policy?

Distributors have expressed frustration that they cannot effectively source products in ESP due to the multiple versions of the same item in ESP, and it is extremely time-consuming for them to sort through all the broken out products.

What are the rules for how product data should be represented in ESP?

Products with the following variations MUST BE represented as ONE single product (i.e. display one time on search results list):

  • Color
  • Size*
  • Material*
  • Shape*
  • Production Time
  • Imprint Method - including Blank vs Decorated
  • Product characteristics (e.g. Flavors/Scents/SPF)
  • Supplemental product or options (e.g. Candies, food fills, clips for lanyards, etc.)
  • Quantity Breaks/Corresponding Pricing
  • Overseas vs. Domestic

*products with Size, Material or Shape variations can be listed as separate product groups only when combining will result in more than 10 price grid variations.

What does the No Breakout Policy mean for your business?

ESP Searches will be a better experience for distributors, which could positively impact your sales. If you're one of the many suppliers that do not breakout their products, you should experience minimal to no impact; in fact, you may see an increase in your overall product clicks. Suppliers whose products are broken out may see degradation in overall clicks.

When do these rules take effect?

Effective July 1, 2018, all new products will be expected to adhere to the No Breakout policy.

How will existing products be impacted?

An audit timeline will be established for existing products in priority order based on product categories to ensure that they are in compliance with the No Breakout policy. Suppliers with broken out products within targeted product categories will be notified and given a time period for data correction prior to the established compliance target date. After the scheduled deadline, ASI will make necessary product corrections by merging and removing broken out products as needed to ensure that compliance deadline is met.

Will I still be able to update my own products?

As ASI begins the data audit/No Breakout implementation process, products that fall into the scheduled category for suppliers that have broken out products will be locked until the audit/products merge process is completed. All updates needed for these products should be sent to

What type of products should be combined and represented as a single product?

Products that are the same except for minor attribute variation, such as different color or shape, should be represented as a single product.

For example – a pen that is available in multiple color options should not be listed as individual products.
See examples below, products should not be broken out:

These products should be represented as a single product with the all the available product colors and color images listed:

What type of products should not be combined and represented as a single product?

Similar products of various features and styles should not be combined into a single product, as this can create confusion for the distributors and their client, which may cause them to skip over your products.
See examples below, products should not be combined:

Products with different features (e.g. barrel style) should be represented as individual products:

How will ASI ensure compliance?

Suppliers who violate the ‘No Breakout’ policy are subject to removal of their ESP Updates license.

How can I get help merging my products?

For questions on how to best represent your products in ESP, please contact the ESP Information team at or via phone at 215-953-4377.

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