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It's All About Your Product Data

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Every month, ESP handles more than 2.5 million searches by distributor users who access supplier product information to create presentations, sales flyers, and orders for their clients and prospects. Providing complete, accurate and clear product information will help make your products stand out and means that distributors don't have to make unnecessary edits when sharing your product with their customers.

Need assistance getting your product data in ESP? The ASI ESP Information Team is here to help!
Read on for some tips on how to submit product information to us, so that we can work quickly and accurately on your behalf.

Provide Us with Your Catalog

ASI's ESP® technology platform offers distributors instant access to supplier digital catalogs; allowing them to quickly and easily send a single page or an entire catalog to clients and prospects. Other features include:

  • Branding: Any catalog can be customized with a distributor's own logo and contact info.
  • Accessibility: Save, order or contact individual suppliers right from their catalog, without leaving ESP.
  • Browsing: Search catalogs from any device or desktop, at any time, from anywhere for on-the-go selling.
  • Extensive info: Having access to your digital catalog, means all of your product detail is right at the distributor's finger tips.
  • Click here to upload your current catalog PDF to our ftp site OR upload it directly into ESP Updates on the Catalog & Compliance tab.

Need multiple changes or a full review of your ESP product data?

A full review of existing product data can be a time consuming process. By telling us what types of changes you have made to your existing products (i.e. added new colors or imprint methods; new options or changes to upcharges, etc.) we'll be able to narrow our focus. The more information you provide, the faster we can complete your update!

Make sure to include the following:

  • Send us a list of new products you've added to your product line, along with their corresponding high-res images - so we can prioritize them.
  • Are there products currently in ESP that you no longer carry. Provide us with a list of your discontinued items, so we can target them for immediate removal.
  • Has pricing changed for your existing products? If you can provide us the price changes in excel format - we may be able to import them for you. Or ask your ESP Data Coordinator for a price export so that you can update the pricing easily.

We recommend that existing high-res images be retained whenever possible as they are often tagged with their appropriate attributes and may also be processed so they are virtual sample ready. If you are adding new color or shape options, please be sure to provide the corresponding blank digital high-res images so that we can 'tag' the image to the new attribute. This allows the distributor to see the appropriate image based on the search term. Be sure to check out our image requirements here and upload images to us at

New Products Only

Let us know if you are submitting new products only and be sure to include all required information:

  • Product Name
  • Product Color
  • Imprint Method [or sold as Blank only]
  • Price – indicate if it is List or Net and applicable discount codes
  • Image(s) - Click here to view image requirements.

Price Changes Only

Send us your pricing changes and we'll make those changes for you. Be sure to indicate if it is List or Net pricing and provide all applicable discount codes.

If possible, provide your new pricing in excel format and let us see if we can import them for you. Or ask your ESP Data Coordinator for a price export of your product data. Once your updated the export file, processing is quick and easy. Contact us at 215-953-4ESP (4377) or via email at to request your export copy today.

Got Questions? We're here for you - every step of the way!

For assistance please contact us at 215-953-4ESP (4377) or via email at, Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm ET.

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