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ESP Specials FAQs

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ESP® Specials allows suppliers to promote special offers to distributors in ESP Web®. Please see below for a collection of frequently asked questions. Please contact your data coordinator with any remaining questions or email

Can I add multiple specials to the same product?

No. Your product may only have one special attached to it at a time. For example, if you offer free shipping on pens, you can’t offer another special on pens. However, you can have an active special and a scheduled special for the same product, as long as the dates of the specials don’t overlap.

Will products on special be marked so they stand out?

Yes, products included in a special will display a red pricing tag in the description area as well as a flag with the special name.

When can I start adding specials in ESP® Updates?

As soon as you are ready!

I want to upload flyers with my specials. What sizes and file types are accepted?

You can upload JPG and PNG files with a maximum size of 3MB. Remember to upload end-buyer-friendly flyers so distributors can share them with clients.

Will my special appear on ESP Websites?

No. Distributors often don’t want to pass along additional discounts to their end-buyer clients.

My special has expired. What do I do?

Nothing. An expired special’s status changes automatically to inactive. Once inactive, it cannot be re-activated or edited.

If I only want to add one product to a special, can I do that?

Yes. From the Manage Products tab, find the product you wish to add and click the "Add to Special" button

I carry many different products but I only want to add a special to my pen products. Do I have to add the special to each one of my pens individually?

From the Manage Products tab, you can filter on the pens category. Check "Select All" and click "Add to Special". Click the radio button for the special and then click "Add to Special".

Is there another way to add products to a special?

Yes, from the Specials Details page, click "Add Product". Select the product(s) you wihs to add and click the "Add Products" button:

Can I remove product(s) from the special?

Yes. Go to the Specials Tab and click the "Edit" button for that special. Find the product(s) that you want to remove and click the trash can icon.

Can I add the same type of special with different details for specific products?

Yes, but the name of each special must be unique. If you want to create a free shipping special for USB drives and one for lanyards, give the specials a different name: Free Shipping on USB Drives, Free Shipping on Lanyards.

I have a special on some products where my inventory is low and I don’t want to show the special on those products until my inventory arrives. What can I do?

Turn off the Special Display; it will not be visible on ESP until you turn it on again. Here’s how to make a special visible:

  • Click on the specific special from the Specials tab.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Specials Details page and check the product(s) for which you don’t want to display the special.
  • Click the "Display Off" button and the product(s) will not show as having a special until you turn the Display on again.

What if I want to rerun the same special at a later date?

Create a new special with a new timeframe and name it differently than the first special.

How many distributors can I view in my Recently Viewed Distributors list?

The last 100 distributors whose credit reports you viewed appear in chronological order, with the most recent on top.

Can a special be added to a specific variation of the product, like color or size?

Specific variables of the Special can be added in the Specials Description field. For example, 20% off all 14-oz. mugs.

Will ESP Orders calculate and display the special prices?

Not at this time.

How many specials can I add?

Add as many as you'd like.

I edited the description and saved my changes, but it didn’t update. What do I do?

The description will be part of an overnight data load. You do not need to do anything, the data load automatically occurs nightly.

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