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ESP Online for Suppliers

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ESP Online for Suppliers

After installing ESP Online to your desktop, Suppliers will be able to view their products just as a distributor would!

The ESP Online Quick Search contains a keywords search bar, where you can enter descriptive words for products or enter the product number directly into the Keywords search bar. You can enter multiple product numbers at once, but each number must be separated by a comma (ex. 101,102,103).

You can also search using the "wildcard" which is an asterick (*) placed after the ending of a base root word. For example, if you were searching for a hooded zippered sweatshirt, you would want to use the wildcard after "zip" because as a supplier, you will want to see all results that include: zip, zips, zipping, zipper, zippered, etc. The wildcard enables you to view all variations of the base word.

You can view your products using ESP Online, but to manage, add, or remove products, you will want to use ESP Updates.

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