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Distributor Membership Packages

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There are several ASI Distributor Packages available on the ASI Store for Distributors, each containing numerous benefits for your company!

All Distributor membership packages provide you with an ASI Number, which identifies you as an ASI-listed, specialty advertising professional and indicates you have met the necessary criteria for membership. In addition, your ASI number helps with:

  • Company identification in the promotional products industry
  • Recognition from business partners
  • Differentiating you from other companies that have similar names.

Your ASI number should be used in the following manner: asi/123456. You are welcome to use your ASI number in conjunction with the official logo, or it may stand alone. If you wish to use it with the ASI logo, place it directly below the logo. It's always good practice to type your personal and exclusive ASI number next to or just under your signature or name on any purchase order, inquiry, memo or letter to your suppliers, even if it's printed on your business stationery.

You should display your official ASI listing number on all communications, literature, advertising material and business forms used within the specialty advertising/promotional products industry.
Note: When referencing your asi number, please refrain from using periods, capitalization or the "#" sign.

Promotional products professionals looking to become members can contact ASI Member Services at 800-546-1350, prompt 3.

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