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Discount Code FAQs

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What are Discount Codes?

These are industry specific codes that suppliers use to identify List Price versus Net Cost discounts on their products.

ASI members can view more information about the Discount Codes.

Where can I find discount codes?

Generally, discount codes can be found directly following a retail price, in or around the pricing grid, or within the F.O.B. (Freight On Board) section of the catalog page.

As part of your ASI® Membership, you will receive catalogs from ASI-listed suppliers. These catalogs include retail pricing and will be coded. If you receive an uncoded catalog, the pricing listed in the catalog may be net pricing. Contact the supplier before showing it to a customer.

What do the numbers before the discount code letters mean?

The numbers before the discount code letters indicate how many price break quantities are set for that discount. For example, if you see (6R) it means that there are six price break quantities and all are set for a discount of R.

If you see a combination of letters and numbers, for example: 2P2Q, it means that the first two columns are on a P discount and the next two are on a Q, for a total of four columns.

Why are there two systems?

Given the age of the ABC system, it's likely that customers are more familiar with that coding. As a result, all ASI publications and research tools use PQR coding. Supplier advertisements in magazine publications like Counselor® may still include ABC codes.

Why do some ASI publications hide discount codes?

Certain end-buyer catalogs and websites hide discount codes for the benefit of distributors. End-buyers may understand the coding system and calculate the net cost.

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